Friday, May 28, 2010

I think this is so neat!!!

Over 40 Bloggers

Well since I’m not a spring chicken but also not an old duck I thought this was perfect to see how it goes. To find people, ladies, gentlemen…anyone that is where I’m at or getting there or been there, done that. JAVA is hosting this and never in 10 million years would you be able to tell that she is 40 or over. She is beautiful.

This is new and wonderful and something you should go check out, that is if you’re over 40.

I hope you all have a great day. God Bless!


Lee said...

I am so happy you came to visit, because I love over 40 somethings!

Kim said...

Hey - your blog header is just beautiful!!

Melissa Miller said...

Hi Julie!
How are you doing these days sweet friend? Your blog is looking really nice! I found you over at Java's and I thought I was following along already. Hmmmm?Thank you for your support of my blog. I always appreciate your kind visits. Stop by anytime!

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!
~Enjoy! ~Melissa :)

Heather said...

I'll be forty in a little over a year. Something to look forward too!!

Anonymous said...

Hey, sounds fun! I will someday hop in there and see you girls! till then, set the stage for me, will you? (blink, blink) ;)

p.s. Julie, loved the straight-from-the-heart comment you left on my post today!

A big fat hug :)

Anonymous said...

p.s. i've been thinking about whether i've seen that header up there. before now. I am quite sure not.

It is beautiful!

Hey, wait, i know where that came from. it is from the sunset Mike and you looked at from the roof two days back, isn't it? GORGEOUS!


Bringing Pretty Back said...

I am here visiting from Java's blog. Love your sunset picture.
Have a great weekend!!

Java said...

Hi Julie!!

Awwwwww you are SO sweet!! Thank you for the shout out! You made my day!!

I added you to my blogroll hopefully you'll get some new followers from that!

My sister's name is Julie! No wonder we became fast friends!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!! ((hugs))

Menopausal New Mom said...

Hi, just found you through the 40+ Friday Follow, Nice to meet you, hope you'll follow me too :)