Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Good morning….

It’s Wednesday, hump day. And really this week it is for me. I don’t have daycare on Saturday. We were suppose to go camping for the first time this year but with so much happening next week with Sally coming, Mike’s graduation and then the Open House we figured we’d stay home and get the last of the stuff done so we can enjoy that time without wishing we had finished this or that.

Monday it was so hot and humid here that we spent the better part of the day inside. So did Wilbur. Hannah and Wilbur have a “thing” for each other and when you see one you almost always see the other. Here’s just a little bit of love to share with you.


Monday evening we had out boy scout graduation open house. We had a great turn out and a lot of fun. It was nice in the town hall for the first part of the evening but got really hot in there by the end but that worked out great because by that time it was cooler outside. Here’s a couple of pictures of our evening.



Here’s most of the scouts with their scout masters. Only Nick wasn’t able to make it that night. It was so much fun talking to the seniors and seeing just what they are planning on doing. They all have bight futures planned. Two are staying behind a year to make a living while the rest head off and then the following year they’ll all be off.

Last night Mike sat on the roof of the garage for at least 30 minutes. He did it for me, the sunset was gorgeous last night and he knows how I love them. Here are just a few of the great photo’s he took. Oh how I love them.

100_2172 100_2129  

  100_2133  100_2153

I got the baby chicks moved yesterday and the wood shed cleaned out. So that means that last cord and a half of wood can get put away. First I need to shampoo the rugs, then I can get to the wood pile. The kids and I are going to go see great grandma and grandpa and visit the goats. The Life of Riley is never a boring one. Always a challenge, always interesting, always a blessing from God.

Take care my friends and do have a wonderful day. God bless each and every one of you!!


Candi said...

following from wed follow, I hope you follow back:)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful sunset AND cake! yummmm! but then again i think of my behind- not so yumm ;)

I LOVE that picture of Hannah and Wilbur- BEAUTIFUL- like the cute pictures you'd find on google. too cute!

yay for getting work done before Sally is here. When all of the visiting and the rest are done, you can gloat about how cool you were while playing host!

High five on that one :)

Flying high in the sky.... said...

awesome shots!!! WOW!!! you have a hectic and fulfilling life ..must say :)...the sunset is really amazing...beautiful..the combination of reddish-orange and yellow..WOW..

Java said...

Come on over and join the fun!! All new for Friday!! Its the Follow Friday 40 and Over Blog Hop!
Make new friends and most of all...have fun!
Hope to see you there!!