Saturday, May 29, 2010

Memorial Weekend and It’s time for a lot more…

To everything there is a season,
A time for every purpose under heaven       
           ( Ecclesiastes 3:1 *NKJV )

      In this fast paced World we live in, patience is becoming
  a lost art!   We may even think that God isn't hearing our prayers
  because they aren't answered instantly.

      When you find yourself feeling that way remember to; rest in
  the Lord, and wait patiently for Him;    
      ( Psalms 37:7 )

Therefore everyone reading this why not slow down and practice patience,
  as well as, take time to enjoy the simple things in life like:

                         TAKING TIME
          Take time to think...It is the source of
          Take time to play...It is the secret of
          perpetual youth.
          Take time to read...It is the fountain of
          Take time to pray...It is the greatest power
          on Earth.
          Take time to love and be loved...It is a God-
          given privilege.
          Take time to be friendly...It is the road to
          Take time to laugh...It is the music of the
          Take time to give...It is too short a day to be
          Take time to work...It is the price of
          Take time to do charity...It is the key to


This was my devotion yesterday. I have been so busy trying to get everything did and done and perfect for the Memorial weekend, for Sally’s visit, for Mike’s graduation and for Mike’s Open House that I haven’t taken the time to enjoy anything. It’s work, work, work and it’s time to think, play, read, pray, love, be friends, laugh, and give. The last two work and charity between working and scouting…well it’s break time. I missed music in the park last night with my daddy, I haven’t sat on Mike’s bed and just listened, I haven’t walked hand in hand with Jim. I’m done. I have to take the time this weekend to reconnect to take it easy, to appreciate everyone and everything around me. Of course there’s still stuff to do but I’m going to relax and look for the opportunity to do these things. And on Sunday, Mike will be an Honor Guard in the Lakeview Flag Ceremony.

How about you? Time to relax this weekend? Time to enjoy your family. Time to thank a soldier, time to watch a Memorial Day Service at your local cemetery, time to be thankful for what we have. Time to Pray.


Have a safe and wonderful Memorial weekend. Hold that hand, hug that kid, call your friend, sit and reflect and relax. Take care my friends. God Bless!!!


Shannon said...

Julie enjoy your weekend and take time to do the important spend time with family, play, rest and pray...have yourself a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Julie for the very thoughtful reminder! I love that you're going to have a very blissful weekend :)

God bless you!

Anonymous said...

Julie, it's just Me again. I was just roaming around my house when i remembered that your friend is going to visit soon for Mike's graduation. I wasn't sure when that was and didn't want to not have wished you all the very best for both beautiful events.

You'll be a great host. Stay as fun and warm and genuine as you are.

A big bear hug to you :)

Take care!