Thursday, May 13, 2010

The best freebie in a very long time…..

I have never downloaded an eBook before, have you? If you haven’t, like me, you’re missing out. Last night I decided to give it a try. I signed up to get Thrifty Northwest Mom blog updates. Jen is the one that does all the hard work and I just get to read what she’s found each day or so. Some of what she has is for shops and stores in her area and I just read them but she has had some super cool give aways, freebies and such. Anyways, last night I was reading what was what and she had this to say about the book and how to get it.

Angie Smith, a popular blogger & wife of the lead singer of the Christian group, Selah, has released a new book called “I Will Carry You – The Sacred Dance of Grief & Joy”.  Today you can download a copy of this book at Barnes & Noble for FREE – this will be an e-book!

You will need to register your account with Barnes & Noble & then download a free E-reader (if you don’t already have one) for your iPhone, iPod, iTouch, Blackberry, PC computer or Mac computer.  Then you’ll be able to start reading the book!

The free E-reader from Barnes & Noble will also come with 2 FREE classic books - Sense & Sensibilities & The Last of the Mohicans.  And then when you create your B&N account (or sign in) you will also be able to download these e-books free to your reader as well: Little Women, Pride & Prejudice, Dracula & Merriam-Webster’s Pocket Dictionary.

Now I love to read and since I had one more day off to myself I thought why not. So I did and boy was I not disappointed at all. I have read about 1/2 of the book so far and have gone though 1/4 of a box of Kleenex but oh boy is it good. She takes the worse part of her life and turns it into a life’s lesson and much more.

So guys, take the time to download and read this book. I promise you, you will not regret it. Now go and check it out. Here’s the link to all their free books and I Will Carry You is right there in the middle.

I’ll be back later on. Daddy and I took a walk in the rain today, needed my daddy time. And I took some awesome pictures I need to share with you.

Take care my friends, have a great and blessed afternoon.


Anonymous said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE it when you say you needed daddy time! It is so cute to be a Daddy's Girl! I know i am.

I am running to the free e-book site. Sounds like you want to give me more birthday treats! Thank You! I will take them aLL!

Julie said...

Happy birthday Mumbia. I hope that you have a super great one. Thank you for such sweet comments. I so love sharing because of them.
Take care and have the best birthday ever.