Sunday, May 9, 2010

And the winner is…..

I had 26 wonderful comments for my blog anniversary. I couldn’t remember what company or on-line place does drawing so I just did a blog search and found and they did all the work for me. So now for the winner…it’s…


Draw Name:
Blog Anniversary

Created by:

Draw Time:
09-05-2010 20:24:12

No of Participants:

No of Prizes:

Created on:
10 May,2010


 Angela – 2nd comment
Gift Box

Her comment was my second one and she said…

Angela has left a new comment on your post "1 year blog anniversary….means giveaway….":
Wooo 1 year! Congrats!! I love your blog.
Posted by Angela to ENGINE3 at May 2, 2010 12:26 AM

So Angela, you now have to send me your address. I hope that you will enjoy my gifts to you. I’ll get it sent out as soon as I get your address.

Thanks everyone for you wonderful comments. I can’t wait for year two and all that it will have to offer.

Now it’s onwards and upwards my friends. Time to see just what the world has to offer us next. Take care and have the most blessed week.


Kim said...

Ahhhh, bummer it wasn't me :) Hope you had a wonderful Mother's day! We had a very nice day with Grandma Mary - now we're tired! Take care and I'll talk to you tomorrow - luv u! Kim

Anonymous said...

Hey, congratulations to Angela! Is she lucky or what?! Julie, i'm aiming for year 2 or 3 maybe- you're listening right? Yup, i thought so :)

p.s. did give my mum a big Mother's Day hug on your behalf- she beamed! and said "Thank You!" :D