Thursday, May 20, 2010

Serenity Prayer

This came at a great time in my life. I am having a few personal issues I’m trying to work out and if I’d just remember to leave it all with God he will make it right and possible.

Enjoy the movie. God Bless and take care.


Julie said...

I'm sorry guys, I can't shrink the video so you can see all the words. If you click on the link you can go right to the page that has the movie and you can see all the words better. I wish I could figure out how to make it fit. I'll keep trying but until then still enjoy the show.
Take care my friends, God Bless you all!!!

Julie said...

I forgot to tell you, just click on the get link, click on copy then right click and paste it in your go to bar and it'll take you there and be so easy to see.
Okay, enough of my comments here.
Have a blessed day you all!!

Flying high in the sky.... said...

really wish and pray you get thru this phase with all HIS care and blessings..take care

Anonymous said...

Julie, my girl, i'll tell you how to do it. It is easy.

1. Click on edit post.
2. You'll see edit html beside the preview tab at the upper rand hand corner of your post. Click on it.
3. You'll see both the words "height" and "width" in TWO places in that whole write-up that you probably won't love the look of.
4. Decrease the width. I am not sure by how much you'd have to do it- maybe decrease by 85-100. I normally keep trying till i get what i like. REMEMBER to decrease the width in BOTH the places.
5. Publish post.

Hope that helped.

Also, thank you so much for sharing. I'm glad this came to you when you needed His gentle reminder. God bless you always :)

Julie said...

Thank you my dear, I will give it a shot shortly. First have to go out and help put the new engine in the lawn mower and finish up working on the old one. Take care and have a great night. Thank you again.

Julie said...

It worked, thank you so much. Now you can view all the words that I found almost more important then the video itself. Thank you Mumbai!!

Anonymous said...

Yay! It worked! And it looks so beautiful now, i watched it again! Good work Julie!

Have a Blessed day!

I think i am going to have one now! :)