Sunday, May 23, 2010


Well Mike and I did it. We got to go Geo-Caching this afternoon. It’s been a long time since last fall when we were able to go and boy did we have a blast. It isn’t an easy adventure but it is so good for us both physically, mentally and I love the togetherness. We walked a total of 9.5 miles today hiking, climbing and navigating our way around. We found 4 our of the 6 treasures we were looking for. We’ll try again on the two we missed later on. I have some pictures to share with you so here they are.

100_2092 100_2093 

This is just one of the caches we found. See how it’s hid in the rocks and then covered with another rock? They hide them in many different areas like these rocks.

  100_2089 100_2086


Sometimes the treasures are in ammo cans, sometimes like this one just a piece of PVC pipe and painted to match the surrounding area. It is a fantastic hobby and I am so glad that Mike and I got into it.

Here’s an idea of one of the walks today. The directions were to follow the path after bush whacking to the trail. We found the trail and then lost it so we followed the GPS which meant we climbed up talling piles that are amazingly steep and tall, down them and back up them, three times. The wiggly line is us following the GPS where possible and then picking up the trail near the end. We walked 5 miles for this find. Okay, the picture….

Long Walk Standard e-mail view

Then tonight while Mike and Jim worked on the lawn mowers I played with the plasma cutter again. This time I took pictures of Jim using it to show you a bit about it and then he took pictures of me using it. So here’s what it looks like and what I made tonight.


See how it’s just a small hand held device and how it cuts though the metal? It just uses air and electricity to do this.

Now here’s my project from start to finish.





After cutting it, there’s slag to knock off (that’s extra metal that has melted and stuck) and then I smooth it out a bit with the grinder and then paint it. I’m not an artist so things aren’t perfect or even close but still a cool craft idea.

So now it’s tomorrow and I have got to get to bed. I’m tired but I so wanted to get this posted. Now take care and have a great night sleep and a blessed Sunday.


Momma Fargo said...

What great adventures and you go with the torch thingy! Awesome!

Feeling Just Right said...

Julie, you operating that plasma cutter is such a super cool, daring act to do! And then you speak of not being an artist???!

I admire your courage! New and beau-ti-ful.

Feeling Just Right said...

p.s. the mum-son connection is very cool too. Very adventurous!

Kim said...

Your flowers are looking so cute! - and what a work out hiking...what did you find in the cache?

Flying high in the sky.... said...
also, i wanted to say sorry about not being able to update my blog with your award..little shy about being awarded!!! will muster my courage and try and do it once more..if i fail...please forgive me :)

SueDohNihm said...

Wow, I love nature and I would love to try Geo-catching! (and here I was picturing you running through parking lots catching Geo Metros and Geo Prisms!! haha)

I want a plasma cutter!! That looks way cool! Ok, I cannot draw let alone create anything more than a mess, but I'd have so much fun doing it :-)