Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Have you tried WikiAnswers before?

You just ask a question and most of the time they have a very good answer. I have used it for many different questions and most recently my life style change questions.

But yesterday my mama sent me something that was really cool. I’ll be the first to admit I don’t always read the answer to the bottom but this question/answer made me. I think you’ll like it too.

Please go check out…..Do plants respond to communication with people?

It was amazing and boy do I feel sorry for my plants. I’m sure not very nice to them at times. I forget to water them on a regular bases. I don’t talk to them like I should and if they feel body language, oh boy no wonder my cactuses have lots of spikes.

Go see what I’m talking about and then, I think for me mostly, we better go talk to our plants.

Thanks mama for sharing this with me. I am always learning from you.

Today is mama’s friends Cleo’s funeral. Please remember to say a prayer for her family and friends. Cleo was really one very unique and wonderful lady.

Take care my friends. Have a great and blessed day today.


Feeling Just Right said...

Wow! Plants responding to dance and cacti dropping their spikes?! Wowwie. I'm going to start taking to my hibiscus in particular!

Thank you Julie's mama! Hugs to both you girls.

p.s. will report when i see change!

Feeling Just Right said...


Flying high in the sky.... said...

me prayed..and indian scientist J C Bose had long long long back proved that plants are living...he had shown that if you take burning cigs near them ..they tremble!!! i talk to my plants - call them "darlings" and i water them regularly because i feel they call out when they are thirsty and one day i experimented infront of my husband - i showed to him that when i was talking to my palm i asked it if it was happy ..and the branches would have been a coincidence but i have done it more than once ..and i have received response!!! i have taught my daugter to say a "good night friends" to them....