Sunday, May 9, 2010

My mama….


Happy Mother’s Day mama.

I love you so very, very much!!!!

My mama is one in a million. My mama is the best. Mama loves me no matter if I piss her off, no matter if I don’t listen, no matter if I don’t take her advice, no matter if I don’t wear pants when she thinks I should, no matter if I forget things she’s told me a million times. She loves me for who I am, for what I’ve become, for what’s I’ve done, for what I will be doing. My mama doesn’t care, or at least acts like it, when I mess up, screw up, foul up or anything else. She has shoulders the size of Texas when I need them, she has muscles I didn’t even know she had when I need her help. She has more brains then I will ever hope to grow. My mama is beautiful, charming, terrific, wonderful, loving, caring and most of all my mama is mine. Oh I have to share her with my sister, which I do very willingly, but I am so thankful she’s mine. I love having her live a country next door. I love walking over at anytime day or night knowing she’s there. I love it when she drives her trusty golf cart over to visit with me while the kids are napping. I love the way my daycare kids run into her arms and she smiles and hugs them with so much love. I love the way that mama and Mike have bonded. Their relationship is like none other. Grandma and grandson, one in a million together. Mike worries so much about his grandma when she’s ill or he things or feels she’s not right. He will call me from school, from work, for play and ask how she’s doing just because he feels something isn’t perfect with his grandma. Mama will ask me every day, how’s Mike, how’s school going, what’s new with him and when they are together, the eyes twinkle, the smiles, the shared looks. You guys, it’s hard to really describe them but it’s heaven on earth.

My mama means the world to me and I thank the Lord every single day that he lets her stay here and be here for us. We have almost lost her a couple of times and it sure makes us know just how much more we need her here. It is horrible sitting beside your mama in a hospital bed not knowing positively she’s coming home with you. My mama has had a difficult life at times but you would never be able to tell it. She’s not one for looking back, just forward and that makes life so great. I have messed up a few times in my life but she never looks back, never points out just how bad I hurt her and I know just how bad I did. I can’t ever change the past but I know with all my heart from my screw ups on I will forever be trying to make it up to her.

I love my mama guys and I pray to God that you have a mama or have had a mama or even a special lady in your life that makes you happy it’s Mother Day. A day to love them more, show them just how much you do love them and to always appreciate just what they do for us, done for us and will be doing. I know I’ll be showing her, today, tomorrow and for how ever long she’s here with us.

Happy Mother’s Day mama. I do love you very much!!


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Anonymous said...

I love your mama in her striped T and beads! Complete rockstar!

The pictures of her with Mike and you are really cute too!

Happy Mother's day to her and to you, my girl! Hope you feel as amazing as you both are. Cheers!

SueDohNihm said...

Mother's are the Best! Loved your post :-)

Flying high in the sky.... said...

how cute................ hope your mom has read it ...beautiful

Holly said...

How sweet a tribute to your mama! Happy (belated) mothers day to you!

rajdog1 said...

Your post picture of your Mom is beautiful....a very nice pic of her with the background!