Thursday, May 6, 2010

A project, finally!!!

So how long has it been since I’d done something creative? A while at least. So today I took something I’ve been saving for quite sometime and made this.


As you can see it’s a candle holder but can you guess what it’s made from? Nothing that costed me any money. I had everything here from other projects or I recycled. Okay, give up? It’s these….


As you know we love to target practice and for years I have been saving the inserts to the .22 shells for a long time.

What to know how I did it? Well I’ll teach you.

First get some of this….


and this….


Also a can of black spray paint. I used flat black because the glitter would make it shiny.

Then I started like this….


You could choose any shape you wanted too, this just worked out with the pieces I had. The glue really stinks so do it in an open place or plan on getting a headache.

After I let the first gluing dry I applied more to smooth out the edges and also to make sure I had a good bond. Next I headed out to Jim’s garage and painted the holder black and let it dry. I did two coats just to make sure it was covered. Next came the glitter glue, a good coating of that and let that dry.

We put new tile down in Jim’s garage bathroom and as I was painting I thought about the bottom and that worked out wonderfully. I traced around the holder and then cut it out with a scissor and peeled off the backing and put sticky side towards the holder pressed it on. That stuff if really sticky and I let it sit with a book on it for a little bit to make sure it really was stuck. Then came the glitter on the bottom where the sticky tile was sticky. Easy as ever, just sprinkle it on the tile, swish it around and there you have it. A pretty candle holder. I’m just going to use tea lights in it since it is plastic and they won’t get hot with all the air holes. So here’s the finished project.





Just an idea what to do with a few piece that were headed for the garbage in the first place.

Enjoy my friends. Take care and have a great day. We are on our way to Terri’s today to visit and wish her a happy birthday. She was 55 yesterday, 5/5/55….pretty cool I think.

God Bless you all!


Kim said...

I LOVE this! Gotta have Grant save me more of the inserts - but yours looks AWESOME!!!

Anonymous said...

That is so pretty- looks like wrought iron to me! Very creative! Just so you know, i love anything wrought iron.

Happy Birthday to Terri! Very cool 5-5-55 connection :)

Flying high in the sky.... said...