Sunday, June 27, 2010


It will still be a long time before they turn red but there’s tomatoes on them there plants…. see!

100_2649 100_2650

 100_2652 100_2653


The ones in my garden are a bit smaller but they are beginning to flower too. The broccoli is looking really good, the brussels sprouts are so strong looking, beans are flowering, corn is still really short, I don’t think it’ll be knee high by the 4th though. The weeds, well they are always growing the best.

I spent 4 hours on the mower yesterday. The yard looks so good when it’s freshly mowed. We’ll have to do it again either Friday evening or Saturday because on Sunday my parents are hosting their 14th annual family reunion and since we’re neighbors gotta have a nice yard to match their beautiful one.

This week will be a normal one here. I have 5-6 wee ones each day and tomorrow we’ll start the week out by going to the park to play and have a picnic. I promised a trip to the library also but will wait until Wednesday so that we can keep the movies we borrow until Saturday. I’m not sure what else the week will bring for the kids but I’m sure I’ll keep them as busy and happy as possible.

I have a couple ideas for crafts that I’ll be sharing as the kids get them done.  I found the coolest site called Skip to My Lou and there are some very cute idea. Like side walk chalk from corn starch, food coloring and water, painted rocks and so much more. Ideas, love them. I also found a good recipe for bubbles from Making It Count. 

Well my friends, I hope that you all have a great week. Take care and God Bless you all!!


Anonymous said...

Wow, Julie! Your garden really came out well! The tomatoes made me beam! Lovely!!

I love your happy plans :) The happiness and joy is rubbing on to me now!

Thanks a ton!

Before I go, big hug!

Anonymous said...

Oh yeah, tomatoes. You are such a great gardener, Julie. I just don't know how you do it all.