Sunday, September 12, 2010


Tomatoes 003  And daddy came and got a 5 gallon bucket full too!

 Tomatoes 002

So for now this is what there is for work to be done and some aren’t quite ready but two days in the house they’ll all be ready to can. I have a dozen or so of the ones like what is in my hand, they are huge and so meaty inside. I got the rest of the beet picked too so will do them tomorrow morning so we can eat that last batch fresh.

So there you have it, more tomatoes. More sauce, stews, soups, hot dishes and salsa. Winter will taste good this year!

Take care and have a blessed evening. I’m heading back outside to watch Mike learn to paint with a paint gun. Him and his dad are building a boat trailer. I’ll share some pictures when I get some taken. God Bless you all!!


Jill said...

Wow! That's a loit of tomatoes! I'm new to canning, just wondering if you can share how you can/ prepare your tomatoes? Thanks!
Have a lovely day!


Anonymous said...

I freeze mine :-) Never quite got into canning

Slipstitches said...

OMG that's awesome Julie! I'm new to gardening and you should see my poor little tomato plants this is my second try and this batch looks like they're trying to grow lol...happy canning!

Baby Sister said...

Wow that is a big tomato!! Looks nummy!!

Anonymous said...

Julie, you work so hard! I'm inspired. Taking a BIG lesson back. :)