Monday, September 27, 2010

Waiting for the bus and Mike’s new toy….

I love taking my kids down to the bus stop and waiting for the bus to come. They get so excited and love watching the others get off the bus. We have the nicest bus driver, he’s patient and good with the kids and will honk and wave to my wee ones. Anyways, here’s one of our evenings waiting…the weather was perfect, the colors outside are beautiful and everyone was in such a great mood.

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Mike got something this weekend that he has had on his wish list for a very, very long time.

End September 061

A dirt bike. Just check out this smile….

End September 062

He was so excited. Kim called on Friday night saying her hubby had something that he knew Mike wanted really bad. A Honda CR80R Dirt Bike. It is perfect for him and he’s at the age I can’t so no anyways but also at the age I don’t have to worry quit as much because he has a few brains cells for safety. Kim’s hubby said he’d take two payments and Mike could take the bike after the 1st payment so Mike was there Saturday after work picking up his prize.

 End September 078

I have more to share but that’s for another post. Hey, if you want to see how my enchiladas turned out go here.

Take care my friends and have the most blessed afternoon.


Grammy said...

Hi, Julie! How are things going with you these days? Thinking of you often. How is your grandma doing? Love to you,

Anonymous said...

Hannah and Mike are the stars of this post! I love their smiles!! Yay for good friends like Kim and you!!! Mike and bike look just right together! :)

G-Zell said...

What wonderful pics! My boys ride a bike too. THEY LOVE it!

Have a great week!

Baby Sister said...

Those kids are so cute!!

Yay for the dirt bike. :)