Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Little Falls Craft Fair…

Holy Cow were there people there. Lots and lots and lots and lots….

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Brenda and I went and spent 5 hours walking all over Little Falls looking, ohhing and ahhing over tons and tons of super talented people. In the end I brought home just a few treasures.

 September 008 

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 September 019

If I had been a millionaire I could of found something at just about every single booth but with just a little bit of money to my name these are what I wanted.

I’m going to take that cute frog and make it into something like the leaf hanger for my mama. I think it’s a bit big for her to wear as a pendent but I’ll make it removable just in case she does want it one day. The rest is other two goodies are for me. I did find one more thing but can’t share it since it’s a gift for some one really dear to me and she reads my blog (Pat).

We we finished up in Little Falls we headed to Rice because that is where the extras go that can’t fit at the Little Falls Show. That place was so much more relaxed. Then of course how can you be so close to St. Cloud and not go there so we did and went to Michaels Crafts. Oh I just love that store. Brenda and I have bead stash money for replacing what we need from our shows so we took a bit of that and picked up some essentials we needed and then looked at all the ideas. WOW, I wish we had a Michaels around here…then again that might not be too good either. :o)

Brenda took me to T.G.I. Fridays for supper. I have never been there before and it really was great. The service was better then anywhere I have ever eaten. ANYWHERE’S!! And the food was excellent. Not to expensive for a nice restaurant. Then we headed home. According to my mile counter we went 170 miles and talked every single second of that time and more. Thank you Brenda for such a great time, it is written on my calendar for next year!!

So now it’s onward and upwards to our craft show the first weekend in November. We have some great ideas to work on and some stock that needs replacing.

I hope that you got to do something great this past weekend. Even if it was just relaxing and enjoying the family or time alone rejuvenating.

Take care my friends. Have the most blessed day possible. 

Check out what Kim got!! WOW did she do great.


Purple Cow said...

Sounds like a day!
I love your finds!

ModernMom said...

I love walking through all the booths at our local fair, Ours is next weekend!

Anonymous said...

I love what you do with your friends!!! Sounds very fun! I love the frog!

Baby Sister said...

I love the frog!! It sounds and looks like so much fun!! Good luck getting ready for November. :)