Monday, September 13, 2010

Goodwill find….

Glass basket 003 

I fell in love with this basket. It’s all glass made in the USA from a company called Anchor Hocking. Right now I can’t find it on their website but my mama said a little while ago she remembers seeing it for something like $50.00 but thought maybe even a bit more. Well I didn’t really care about that though I am happy because I paid just $4.95 for it at the Goodwill. I am going to use it as a planter. I have a plant that I take out each year and it lives on the porch but in the winter it sits on my kitchen table near the window and ice-marker. It loves it there. I’m not sure if it’s just because the light is from the north so it doesn’t get to much but enough real light or that it likes the warm air from the ice-marker. I don’t know but when Tuna died (she was our little black lab) one of my daycare parents gave us this  little plant to remember her by and it’s now 7 years old and thriving. But since it has to be on my hardwood table there has to be no chance it’ll drip, drain or get the table wet and sit there so this will be perfect. I was just going to post this without showing you the final results but since I love pictures here is what it looks like now all used in ready for it’s winter place.

September 021

Amanda, what is this plant? Is it suppose to be like an ivy? I though it was just one of those plants that grew but it now has vines sorta like an ivy. Anyone else?

Okay now it’s time to do some tomatoes. Take care and have a blessed day.


Kim said...

Hey that's pretty cool! I'd have picked that up too. Remember Grant's on vacation this week - I'll call when he's busy - and he's got a lot of busy to do :)

Velvet Over Steel said...

I love Great deals and this looks wonderful with your plant!! I've heard of that company too and those are expensive. Good job with the find! :-)

Have a wonderful week!!

Anonymous said...

Haha! Amanda should know!!!

I love how it looks in the new basket! Very different & beautiful! I loved the idea of remembering Tuna when you look at this plant! Very sweet thought!! :)

Jill said...

It's so great finding these neat little deals! I love yard sales, flea markets, antique places and more. You just never know what you may find. This is a great idea. Looks wonderful! :-)
Thanks for you lovely comments on my posts. I greatly appreciate each one!

Noelle said...

Dear Miss Julie,

I have showed your plant to everyone I know who might know what it is: the greenhouse manager, my dad, my brother, myself a million times, I've looked in books, and online and...

It's there on the tip of everyone's tongue but no one can remember the name. (We don't sell houseplants.)

My greehouse guy thinks it's a caladium but I'm not sold on that I'll continue to research it, and when I find the answer I'll let you know!

Anonymous said...

I like this!! People researching stuff for you makes me happy!! :)

Baby Sister said...

Hopefully between Noelle and I we can figure it out. :)

I love the bucket you put it in!! It's perfect!!