Sunday, September 19, 2010

This weekend…

Mid August 009

Remember this?

It’s now this….Jim and Mike built it from nothing and now….

Mid September 025 Mid September 029

Mid September 035 Mid September 040

Next weekend we are going fishing.

Fall is coming. This is just at the end of my driveway and so much more to come.

Mid August 018 Mid September 050

Mid August 020

I did more tomatoes…. I think one more huge batch and this season will be finished.

Mid September 014 Mid September 016

 Mid September 013 

I made a huge batch of chili,  1/2 for dinner and 1/2 to freeze and then I wanted to try something total different, I cooked the tomatoes with the skins on and added peppers, onions, mushrooms and two left over grilled hot sausages cooked them down to a thick sauce and pureed it all into the greatest tasting spaghetti sauce.

Now I have tons of green tomatoes, unless we get some really warm weather they’ll start rotting on the vines so I’m going to try a few green tomato recipes. First tomorrow I’m going to try to make a green tomato bar. It’s suppose to be like a date bar. If it turns out great I’ll share it with you. I’m also going to make a green salsa, just to give it a try. I’ll make up a recipe and if that one works I’ll share it too.

So take care my friends and have the most blessed week.


Anonymous said...

yumyum on the food and way to go on the boat trailer ;-)

Jill said...

The boat trailer looks awesome! Tell them I said great job! You are on the ball with the tomatoes! Love the recipe for the bar if you make it. :-) Leaves are beautiful, one of my favorite parts of Fall!
Have a great week!


Mom vs. the boys said...

I love the fall, there is nothing more beautiful! and those tomatoes are fabulous! yum!

Baby Sister said...

That trailer is awesome!! And the leaves are beautiful. :)

The sauce sounds good minus the mushrooms. :)

Good luck with the green tomatoes!!

Kim said...


Anonymous said...

Oh, your plans are so amazing!!! Wow! I love the sound of your cooking! It makes me happy!!

Your driveway looks stunningly picturesque!

Happy fishing!!!! I love the new trailer! Wow.