Saturday, October 9, 2010

5K in pictures… Aitkin’s Fit City Run/Walk/Stoll

My first ever 5K competitive walk, not my last either. We had a blast, worked hard, played hard and enjoy every single second. Didn’t come in first, didn’t come in last. Did exactly what we wanted to do, complete the race. So without anymore words, our day!!

 100_4089 100_4092

First thing getting there and our numbers. Wilbur couldn’t compete with us in the competitive walk but we could walk in the fitness walk so he went with Kory, one of my Venture Scouts.

100_4096 101_1934

The route.


Wilbur and Kory


Walking, about 1/2 point.


We did it. We finished in 48 minutes.

 100_4110 100_4115

Can you say proud. We did it, we did something we set out to do.


Wilbur and his Aitkin Fit City, First Annual ribbon

 101_1926 101_1931

Mike came and cheered us on, took pictures and was there from minute one to the end. He was our personal support and he was wonderful. Thank you Mike for all your support!!

  101_1935 101_1936

In front of us, behind us and around us..

101_1938  101_1939

101_1940  101_1941 

The finish line. Yucky picture but we are finishing. And Wilbur’s too.

100_4108 101_1953

 100_4119 101_1932 

Opening Ceremonies and the crowd.

 100_4131 100_4137 

Brenda won $10.00 in Aitkin bucks just for being there. Mike and Brenda.



Last but not least, 99 year old Ester, the oldest competitor.

So what do you think? I think it couldn’t of been a better day to get out and be part of something so wonderful and so fulfilling.

Now it’s onward and upwards to the next competition. It will be 3 mile Cross Country Skiing sometime this winter. Mike and I will be doing this one together. You know how much we love Cross Country Skiing. YEAH!!! Something else to train for and keep going. Getting fit and learning all kinds of new things has defiantly been my challenge this year but I’m learning and working at it. To bad I waited until I was almost 50 but better now then later or to late.

Take care and have a blessed Sunday. Jim and I are heading out for the morning, Mike is going pumpkin shooting in the afternoon. The rest of the day will be up in the air but it’s suppose to be beautiful so I’ll take it and enjoy.


Kim said...

Good for you! Did you see me honking and waving??!!! You looked like you were focused so you might have missed it. Enjoy the rest of the weekend and the glorious weather - talk to you later!

Baby Sister said...

That is awesome Julie!! Kudos to you for completing it!!

Anonymous said...

Hey!!!! I love the photos! The area is soooo very pretty! Woohoo, my dear! You DID it! This is so cool! I need to get out and walk. Someday! :D

Mike--- great photos!