Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Mike built…

Mike needed a bike stand. No, not the kick stand he made last week. A bike stand. It’s used for working on a bike. He found one in a magazine for about $60.00, it looked like this….


Well funds are low (like for everyone) so yesterday while Mike was off he built this.

October 004  October 006 

 October 005   

I love this touch, he used the wire feed welder to put his name on it.

October 008  October 011

             October 012 

                 October 014 

Watching Mike build this was amazing. He didn’t really plan much, just the size and went from there. All the materials were in the scrap pile so it didn’t cost him a dime. That green paint has finished at least 3 projects and I love the color, can’t miss it. If you’re school offers shop, have your children take it. Doesn’t matter boy or girl. Mike has used all his shop classes in some form from making me my cabinet to the last couple. Him and his dad built the boat trailer and Mike did all the welding from shop class. All this is helping Mike decide just what it is he wants to do with his life. I know some kids know right away, others it takes a bit. Mike knows now it will be something with fabrication. Brenda called yesterday and read in the Brainerd paper about a 48 hour welding class being offered at the CLC. So we have to go and check that out, SOON since it starts the end of this month.

Anyways, the proud mama has to share.

Also another sharing, life is calmer now that we had our say. In fact while Mike was at scouts last night Jim went on my nightly walk with me. Not as far as Brenda and I go but still a great walk. We got the fire trucks ready to roll today. Tomorrow I’ll share some great pictures with you and thank goodness it will be a warm and sunny day today. In the 14 years of doing this we’ve had all kinds of weather but mostly we’ve had sunshine. It is such a wonderful, exciting thing to do with 80+ kindergartners. I think today is 4 rides with 4 different classes but with two trucks it works so great.

Take care my friends and God Bless you all.


Kim said...

Whoa - that looks too cool!!!!

Jill said...

He did a wonderful job! I have the utmost respect for craftsmen and comstruction/ trade workers. They will always have jobs too. :-)
Good luck with the fire engines and kids, can't wait to see pics!

Anonymous said...

This guy built it on his own? It looks just like the magazine thing. I love the handwriting in cursive! Wow. Some effort, that!

Anonymous said...

That's awesome :) my boyfriend does the same kinda things (we're probably younger than mike if I had to guess, haha...but he's just learning stick welding now)

Baby Sister said...

Your son is pretty talented. I'm impressed.

EmptyNester said...

Wow! Your son is resourceful AND talented! Hubby can build just about anything from any material but I can't so I am always impressed by people who can...and a bit envious as well.