Friday, October 1, 2010

See what we made today…

It was a rainy morning but between rain drops we went out and collected leaves and this is what we made with wax paper, crayons, an iron, construction paper, glue and yarn. I love them, they are so pretty and the kids had a blast. The best thing, because they knew we were having a new little boy coming to visit they made him one too. So here they are…

 October 1st 017 October 1st 021

 October 1st 024 October 1st 025       

 October 1st 033

                           October 1st 032

And the left over leaves. They kids had a blast and then they also cut and glued tons of scraps everywhere.


Another show and tell.

Mike made this…

October 1st 006

for this…

October 1st 038 

October 1st 037

It didn’t come with one and he wasn’t about to lean it up on the building so Monday afternoon he made this and it works like a charm. I love the florescent green, can’t lose it as easily this way.


One more show and tell but nothing grand, just cute…

October 1st 014

Shadows in my lamp shade. Martha Stewart had the idea, I just used it. I’m not a paper cutter but they didn’t turn out to bad and really easy too.

So there, that’s the rest of the week. Tonight is game night at mama’s with spaghetti and garlic bread for supper and homemade brownies. Then a few games and fun.

Oh do you want to know…..I did get the new little boy. He starts on Monday. He’s only here a couple days a week. He is a charmer and will fit right in with the others. Gonna love it!!!

Take care and have a blessed afternoon and a terrific, relaxing weekend.


Jill said...

The leaf art turned out great! I have done this with my kids too. I use to be a Director of several Child care Centers. Don't know if I told you that or not? LOL Love the shade cutouts too! The kickstand is a great idea! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Baby Sister said...

The leafs looks so fun. :D

Your son is so creative!! That's awesome.

Yay for lamp shades and new boys!!!!

Shawn Becker said...

Have a great weekend and thanks for visiting my blog. Keep in touch!

Anonymous said...

Julie, all of this is so gorgeous! How did you guys do that leaf thing? You iron wax paper? I didn't even know there was anything called wax paper! :D

Mike make his own bike stand? You guys are so creative and it even works. I get inspired to do something with my life.

That lampshade screams out loud- You are a great paper cutter!

Purple Cow said...

Great idea! You are so creative! You should hold workshops for useless mothers like me also!