Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Fire Safety week

So before I tell you about our day with the kindergartners I want you to promise me that you’ve checked your smoke alarms, you have a fire plan and you have at least practiced it a few times. If you haven’t then you know what’s on your agenda this week don’t ya!!??!!

October 022  October 023

Today the weather was perfect. We had 65*, sunny and the kids were just wound up tighter then a slinky in a box. We got there just a few minutes early so I was able to take a couple of pictures of the trucks and then also go to Rachel and Abby’s rooms and get them to help.

   October 021

Wilbur is now getting much better at not being so afraid to ride and sat right up front and enjoyed the day.

October 018  October 020

We took about 80 kindergartners for their rides.

October 035 October 025

October 026 October 033

Each time we picked up another class we’d get three riders up front to blow the sirens. It’s like the most greatest thing in the world for them to be able to make as much noise as they possible can and the smiles. Oh the smiles….

October 040 October 036

                  October 024

As we were leaving, Smokey Bear was also leaving the school and he came over to say hi to Justin and Hannah. Hannah was scared to death of Smokey so hid behind me but Justin stood beside him. He wouldn’t shake his hand but he enjoyed seeing him.

October 041

So it was a great day today. It was our 14th year (we started giving the kids rides back when Mike was a kindergartner) and when they call next year and ask us, we’ll be there again with lights blinking and sirens blaring.

I hope you all had a great day today. Tomorrow is even going to be better. Take care and God Bless!!


Baby Sister said...

I wish I did that when I was that age. It looks like a blast!!

Anonymous said...

Wow. I loved this post! Their smiles made it worth it! Julie, you must feel sooooooo very good!

Kim said...

Isn't that just cool - that is such a good tradition!! I'm glad your little ones got to go with you!

EmptyNester said...

I enjoy this blog too, Julie! You are taking me down memory lane when our 4 girls were in elementary school and all the fun field trips! Our little dog, Tucker, always used to be scared in the car too. He is much better now. Wish he and Wilbur lived closer so they could play.