Saturday, May 21, 2011


Well I beat my time, I wanted to do it in less the 45:00 and I did. I came in 9th, 3rd in my age group. The fastest time was 40:56, over all in the competition walk, so I am going to work hard to make that my best time.

Mike came and gave me lots of love and encouragement and I was so glad to see him at the 1/2 point. I was starting to cry a bit because of the challenge, the rain, the being alone but when he came and gave me some water and a smile I was ready to finish good and felt much better. I now know I can do this again and alone as long as there’s a friendly face in the crowd. It was weird, I live in a small town where most people know most people but out of the better then 100 people I knew maybe 10. It was a lonesome experience but a rewarding one.

Wilbur walked too in the Fitness Walk with a Venture Scout of mine, Kori. They did an awesome job too. Thank you Kori for taking Wilbur. He loves to walk so much and looks forward to you too.

Mike took some pictures so here they are. Thank you for all your kind words and encouragement also, I really needed it and it made all the difference in the world.


Ready, set GO!!!!

100_6433 100_6434

Half way point. The 5 of us were in the middle of the group.


Almost done and Mike there taking pictures. You guys, you have to know that Mike makes me so proud. He’s there always to give me what I need to keep going. I LOVE YOU MIKE!!!


And just about done.


All done, wet but so happy.


Kori and Wilbur crossing the finish line.


My partner in all my exercise walking.

And my sheet….


So I now have 2 weeks to improve my time but this walk is a walk/jog/run so my time should be about 10 minutes less. I’ll see what I can do to perfect that.

So now it’s time to relax, warm up and enjoy the rest of the weekend.

Now before I close you’ve got to go to Michele's blog. Today she did her first bike tour. As of this minute she hasn’t posted anything for today but I know she will be. YOU GO GIRL!!! I am so proud of you.

Take care my friends and have a blessed and super awesome weekend. :o)


lv2 said...

Great job!

kim said...

That is so cool! Great job!!!

Jill said...


So wonderful! Congratulations!!! that is real dedication running in the rain! So proud of you :-)


Baby Sister said...

You are awesome. Congratulations my friend. :)