Monday, May 16, 2011

Life at the Riley’s….

Well it hasn’t been that exciting so there’s not really to much to share but I do have a little bit. Not exciting is just fine cuz that means no one is sick, no one is coming apart at the seams, it just means status quo and that is good.

First and foremost. Daddy is doing wonderfully. He has healed really well from his surgery and is getting around just fine. He is still limited on his activities according to the doctor but he can do the every day stuff. Thank you so much for all your concern, love and prayers.

Last Friday I had a new little one here for a visit. Really she’s not new, she’s been here before but she just visits from time to time. Her name is Brooke. We went to see great grandma and Mark and the goats. She loved it and of course my other little ones did too. The goats get so excited to see them.


Then we had a tornado watch and the skies turned that gross green color. Nothing happened in our area but some of the cloud formations were pretty cool.

100_6364 100_6368

The oriole's are back. They usually just stay at the feeders out front but have found the hummingbird feeder and are drinking them dry. I can’t seem to get a picture of them at the feeder though, they can see me coming and fly away to the nearest tree to yell at me to go away so they can come back.

100_6372 100_6371

My transplants are thriving wonderfully. In fact it’s time to transplant them one more time before it’s time to harden them off and get them into the garden. I don’t have any larger containers except some pine tree pots so am going to use them and just put 3-4 cups in each until time to get them into the garden. It should be okay, hopefully.

100_6376 100_6373

100_6374 100_6375

Can you tell I want to do some sewing? I got these used books from and am in love with all three. One of them didn’t come with the patterns like it was suppose to so I wrote the place I got it from and explained and they gave me a full refund. I am going to be able to use the book, it’ll just take a little extra time figuring out the patterns but since I’m not much for following a pattern really close anyways I bet I’ll have no problems at all.


Now I need to dig out my stash of fabric and see what I can come up with. I love little projects that can be done in a day or two and all three of these books have those kind of projects.

And the last picture, Mike was downstairs playing with the kids and they all left him. This is what we call the good-boy bed. It’s the size of a crib just without rails and it’s on the floor level. I am not sure how he got all of him in there and to nap too but he did. He slept for an hour down there but when he got up he had lots of stretching to day to uncurl all 6’4” of him.


Now it’s onward and upwards. It is a beautiful day here today. 48* and sunny and suppose to get up near 70. We are heading outside as soon as my pie is done baking. I made a pumpkin pie for scouts tonight. We are having roadside pick up and a pot luck so am making the pie.

Take care my friends and have the most awesome and blessed day possible.


kim said...

I can't believe I missed those clouds! Cool...missed the tornado watch too...oops! Glad to see the light is working so well for you! Your seedlings look awesome!!! Wow, this is a lot of !!! For this comment, talk to u later!

Karen Butler Ogle said...

Lovely, boring, mundane days are the best. I'm not up for a lot of excitement. I prefer the quiet days like you are having. I'm having those kind of days right now and it is a welcome respite from all the running around. You projects sound fun. I hope you will post some pics of some of the things you are making. Hugs. :)

EmptyNester said...

I know that green color and it is SCARY. We've never had a tornado here, knock on wood, and I hope we never do. But, during some warnings, we have had the green.

Can't wait to see all the new sewing creations!

Jill said...

Hi Julie,

So happy to hear the tornado did not reach your area! What awesome clouds though. Great pictures as always!

have a great afternoon1


G-Zell said...

So happy your dad is doing well. Oh my goodness green skies... wow... In cali we usually don't have tornados. But last year, we had a tornado in our area I believe the speed wasn't even 50 mph... but scary anyway.

Great pics.

Baby Sister said...

Your tomatoes are looking really awesome!!