Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Busy…as always really…

It’s been a good week. Busy with daycare, planting, playing, hiking and so much more.

First I gotta show you something cute. Ain’t love grand?!!


Today I spent the morning repotting my tomatoes and peppers. They had grown their 4 leaf and had become pretty leggy, so it was time to transplant.

100_6222  100_6221


For those who don’t know how to transplant a seedling, I’m going to share. Now I am sure there are a hundred ways to do this but this is the way my mama taught me and the way I taught Mike and many daycare families.

So first you buy some Dixie cups. I got the 5oz ones for less the $2.00 for 90 of them.


I lined them up on the tray just to see how many I could fit and to make sure my cookie sheet was big enough to hold them all. It works. Love my cookie sheet? I got it at a garage sale last year for $5.00. It doesn’t fit in my oven but it works great for rice krispie bars.

Then you take a cup and fill it 1/4 of the way with potting soil.


Scoop out the seedling and separate into groups of two. We almost always plant them in two’s.


Put them into the cup and be very careful to circle the roots around in cup so they don’t break. This makes for a hardy root system.


The fill 2/3 of the way to the top with dirt.


And there you have it. The same for the peppers too.


My “helper” today.

Tonight Mike and I went and hiked one the mountain bike trails in Cuyuna Range Recreation area.


We had a great time and took both dogs with us too. Now the trails aren’t opened yet for bikes so we hiked, took pictures and enjoyed ourselves.

These are my favorite picture tonight. We always keep the dogs on leashes, just to keep them safe and so if we do meet anyone no one is bothered by them. I let Wilbur walk on his own with the leash dragging and all of a sudden Scout picked up Wilbur’s leash and it looks like Scout is walking Wilbur while being walked by us.

100_6270 100_6272

100_6266 100_6267  

Here’s a switch back on a hill side. Three levels and still not near the waters edge.


I love this picture too. It’s a tree that is sorta just growing off the edge of the hill side.

 100_6245 100_6248


And of course what is an outing without a picture of Mike.


And last but not least. The pups….


So there you have the first part of our week. The rest of the week is cleaning out the chicken coop, getting the garden ready to till, cleaning up the yard, and lots of spring cleaning.

So until my next chance to post take care my friends and have a blessed rest of the week.


kim said...

Thanks for the transplanting tips! And I thought the picture of Scout holding Wilbur's leash was a HOOT. Enjoy the rain today and I will talk to you later!

Grammy said...

Hi, Julie,
Just a note to say I am pleased you are doing so well. How I envy you being able to hike a trail! Wish I could walk like that. I could a long time ago.
Thanks for the transplant idea. It looks really simple and easy. What an adorable helper you have!
Beautiful pictures, too. It makes me really miss East Tennessee and the mountains.

Baby Sister said...

That is a great way to transplant the tomatoes. The women in your family (yourself included) are pretty smart. :)