Saturday, May 14, 2011

Game night….

Tonight was game night. We had a blast. The boys roasted wieners and marshmallows and then we played at least 4 different games. I love these nights together. I took two pictures that I want to share with you….



Now you tell me that grandma doesn’t like time with her grandsons. LOVE IT!!!!

Tomorrow is family day and it’s suppose to be sunny. I am hoping that we can go fishing but first grocery shopping and breakfast out.

I hope that you have a blessed and awesome Sunday. Take care my friends.


EmptyNester said...

We spent the first couple of hours at the airport dropping Birdie off to fly out to TEXAS.

Looks like everyone had a blast at your house last night! Aren't grandmas the best?!

Karen Butler Ogle said...

Great photos, Julie. We used to have family game night before the kids grew up and moved out. We could probably do it again if we planned it well but everyone is so busy now. I miss it though. :)

Baby Sister said...

I love family game night, it's awesome!!