Sunday, May 1, 2011

Spring? ….. NOT!!!


Do you see that white junk on Frosty’s hat? It is never going to leave us. We have been dusted and snowed on and dusted again thiis past week. It is suppose to be short season. I WANT TO WEAR SHORTS!!! And be warm in them. They are saying more dustings tonight and winds up to 25 mph. You know what that does to the wind-chill…BURR!!! Right now it’s 18* and it’s May 1st. UGH!!! Will this winter ever leave so we can have summer?

Oh well soon we’ll have bugs and snakes and bats and …. well other things to complain about but for right now, I’d take them over this being cold. Plus I had to carry in my extra stash of wood tonight. I keep a smaller pile of it for camp fires and wiener roasts and such but we are burning it to stay warm. Another few days of wood left, then it had better just plain warm up.


On my other blog I put a bike riding challenge. If you are looking for a spring time challenge, hop over to my life style change blog.


Tuesday my daddy is going to have hernia surgery. Please keep him in your prayers. This isn’t his first time but this one hurts a bit more then the last couple so we are just hoping that they can take care of it laparoscopic. I’ll keep you posted.


And that my friends is all that is happening right now. A new week, a few new challenges, and always lots to do and take care of. No complaints from me………well other then the snow that is. Take care and have a blessed night sleep and a great day tomorrow.


Shawn said...

I know what you mean about the cold. our weather is not as cold as yours but we've had some burrr chilly days with freezing winds!

I will keep your Dad in my prayers. We do so many hernia surgeries, most of them being open. Only a few of our surgeons do laparoscopic hernias. My dad had his laparoscopic and he had a lot of problems with the gas pains afterward. It sure is quick and hopefully he will be out of the hospital the same day.

Karen Butler Ogle said...

Julie, I would be going crazy right now if it were still snowing and cold here. I'm so happy to live in the south. Most of the time. The climate is moderate and I love the mountains.

I will remember your dad in my prayers. I hope the hernia surgery goes well and that he has a quick recovery.

Keeping you in my thoughts, dear.:)

blueviolet said...

Spring is so tough because it's so incredibly back and forth. I hope yours settles in for good soon!

Jill said...

More snow, oh no! I'm happy Spring has finally reached us here. I will keep him in my prayers that all goes smoothly with the surgery.
Have a great afternoon.

Baby Sister said...

Yeah, as much as I love snow, I'm ready for Spring too. It's mostly here now...but it's still raining a whole heck of a lot.