Sunday, May 8, 2011

hiking, fishing and biking…

Well Mike and I went hiking once again. I do have to mention that in our area the mountain biking trails are not opened yet, there is a grand opening coming in June and right now they are waiting for everything to thaw and then harden up before the trails will open. So after saying that Mike and I have been hiking them, around them, near them. Once these trails are opened they are going to be amazing. Here’s a couple of more pictures from our last hike. Our first hike was up Boy Scout mountain just on the outside edge of Crosby.



The roof in the foreground is my church. Crosby Bible Baptist Church.

 100_6311 100_6323

This is from across the pit lake. Huntington Lake. We hiked this side on Friday and the other side on Wednesday.


This is an old mine shaft. Mike is curious as to how far it goes in, he’s going to get some glow sticks and check it out. Not by body I said.

100_6306 100_6309

I had daycare this weekend and I took Jon, Justin and Hannah fishing. They had a blast and Justin learned how to cast. He was so proud of himself. I’ll do a second post with a short video clip or two of him learning. It is so precious.

  100_6327 100_6330

100_6331 100_6332

Grandpa came down to help me a little bit. It’s kind of hard keeping three poles untangled and working so they can cast and fish some more. We didn’t catch anything but Hannah did have a nibble at first.


Scout fell in twice. The first time she was scared out of her mind. She didn’t know a think about that much water or how to swim. The second time she did excellent. She started to doggy paddle around just a bit before climbing to shore.


Hannah got tired of fishing so she went and sat in the cart. I had some M&M’s in there and if the boys knew she would of had to share but she just sat in there and ate them by herself.


A Loon on our lake. Really there’s two but they just kept diving and I couldn’t get them together. It threatened to rain on us the whole time we were out there but it didn’t.

100_6344 100_6346

Mike and Scott went biking yesterday while I had daycare and then worked with Jim in the late afternoon. They had a blast together. They always do.

100_6360 100_6353

So there you have it, our weekend in pictures. It’s a new week and I’m sure we’ll fill the week up with all kind of things that have to be done and other things we do because we enjoy life.

I hope you have a blessed week. I’m sure I’ll be back with more to share. Thank you for taking the time out of your busy lives to visit with us. Take care my friends.


EmptyNester said...

What gorgeous scenery you have! No wonder you love living there! The pictures of the kids are fantastic too! It looks like they had a blast. Had I been there, Hannah would have had to share those M&Ms with me! LOL

Scout is so cute! I bet she's going to LOVE the water now!

I love all this outdoorsy stuff y'all are getting to do!

Kim said...

Whoa that was a busy weekend! Now if only the weather would warm up a bit...what do you think...gray and drizzly or warm and mosquito heaven? Argh. Glad you are having fun!

Baby Sister said...

Looks like a blast. :)