Friday, January 7, 2011


It’s just been busy here with the kids, the holiday, daycare taxes, jewelry sales tax, paperwork and so much more I haven’t had much time for anything else but the other night I was out surfing about and came upon this site..

Skip to my Lou and she had the coolest braiding technique she used on a headband. I’m not interested in the headband but I sure do love the braiding. I am thinking cool book marks, cool accents on a pouch and maybe even handles for a tote. Here’s a couple of worked on.

 January 2011 068

I’m not where near perfect yet on the braiding. The little one I did with the tiny ribbon, 1/8” stuff and the other one is with 1/4” stuff. I like that one and am thinking it would make a cool handle to a tote. I’m going to start making up some totes for our up coming craft show in April. People are getting more and more into them and I just make a cheap one with a little cool this or that on it and it makes them pretty special.

I’ve also been doing a lot of baking, cooking and what not. With me on my life style journey I am learning to cook the old recipes a bit more healthier. This week was black berry muffins and bread made with applesauce for the oil and a generic brand of splendid for the sugar. They tasted pretty darn good and no one was the wiser.

January 2011 076

I also made scalloped potatoes and ham with a tiny bit of cheese. The ham was a turkey ham and the cheese a low fat variety and the guys thought it was the best yet.

January 2011 075

Now for supper last night I made grilled chicken and roasted potatoes. It was excellent except the chicken was a tad dry. I enjoyed it but Mike used ketchup on his chicken.

January 2011 087

I’m learning. It’s not easy turning old favorites into healthier food but I love the challenge and with almost 40 lbs gone from this frame of mine I’m happy.

Now for some funny pictures. Mike loves his animals, his kids and more so I am also snapping pictures of this and that. Enjoy my friends. Have a blessed and wonderful Friday and an excellent, relaxing and awesome weekend.

January 2011 065 January 2011 066

January 2011 071 January 2011 085



Baby Sister said...

The braids look really cute!! And that food looks realllllllly good...especially the blackberry muffins...nummy!!

Kim said...

That's a HUGE muffin on the right...LOL! ha ha

Jill said...

The braiding looks great! Hayley would love doing something like that. :-) Have a great weekend!

My Big Secret Blog :) said...

With the braids and all that beautiful, healthy food, I'd say 2011 started off great for you!! :)

Susan said...

Love it!! You're doing a great job. Changing the diet and cooking to more healthy foods can be a challenge--especially when you have to drag others and their tastebuds with you! Looks like you're off to a great start. I need to do the same.

:-) Susan

Ms Bibi said...

Great pictures and those scalloped potatoes, ham and cheese just gave me an idea for dinner,lol.

I enjoyed lurking around your lovely blog. I came over from Java's and I am your newest follower over 40.

If you would like to pop for a visit you can find me at