Saturday, January 15, 2011

Saturday, Yeah!!!

Really it was a great week this week. Monday I had Mike to myself and we went shopping for a TV stand he wanted. His first purchase and he was so thrilled. Tuesday I took mama and daddy out for their birthdays. I worked Wednesday and Thursday with my wee ones and we had a blast. Wednesday we went to Marks to see all the new baby goats. He has 30 of them now and if you sit down in the barn they all will come up to you and kiss you, lick you and suck on your earlobes. I didn’t bring my camera this time but will next week when we go. We also stopped and visited with great grandma. She is doing pretty good now without grandpa but looks so small and old compared to what life was like before hand. She is always so glad to see us and us her. Thursday I got to take Justin to preschool. I’ve never done that with any of my little ones, usually they do a preschool program here with me. Anyways, it was fun cuz Justin showed “his” Julie to everyone. I was showed to the teachers, his friends and anyone that would listen to him and his little voice, “this is my Julie”. It felt wonderful. While he was at school Hannah and I went and cleaned the I.O.O.F Hall (It’s my month cleaning job) and then we had about 30 minutes left so went to Angel Dance. It’s a thrift shop I love to go too but never get there enough. Hannah loved that I just let her play. We also tried on a half a dozen shirts for her and the one in this picture she put on and refused to take off. Didn’t want to look at any more, this was it. She also got a new friend. He went everywhere with us the rest of the day. Here’s a couple pictures for you.

0113111405a  0113111428a

Friday I was off again (can you tell this was my short week of working?) and my best bud and I went and worked out. I’ve been going alone because she hasn’t been feeling tip top but it’s oh so much more fun working out together. I’ve been working hard on my Life Style Journey and this week am happy to say I lost 6 lbs. It’s usually 1 sometimes 2 but this week it was nice to watch the scale move. There’s a new challenge coming up at the healthy club I joined for the winter and I think I’m going to partake in both. One is a weight loss challenge and one is a Mini-Triathlon. What better way to make February fly by then being part of something.

Of course I’ve been watching and feeding the birds and squirrels. They make me laugh. I took some more pictures to share with you. I have a Downy Woodpecker that visits each day (well really about 10 different ones) but this one is huge. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one that is as big as this one. Anyways, here’s some bird pictures for you.

      January 2011 097  January 2011 095 

 January 2011 098  January 2011 094

These two are different. See how big the one on the right is compared to the one on the left. The big one also has two red tuffs on his head, see top right. It’s so much fun watching these guys.

Anyway, today is Saturday. No kids this morning, no family just me and my house, computer and of course chores which I’m not doing cuz I’m sitting here writing you.

Mike and I are going Skiing this afternoon. At Kathio State Park. I thought this was the night for moonlight skiing but it’s not so we’ll  go and play in the afternoon. Next weekend is Moonlight skiing here at Tank Trails. It’s just outside of Aitkin which is so nice. You know what’s nicer and one of my daycare parents has loaned me her skis and boots. I can go here any time. It’s right out my back door. Really it is, my dad’s property and ours attach right to it. So after I get my ski pass this afternoon I’ll be going there skiing. Not to sure I like the alone part but I’ll learn since one of these days it’s how it’s going to be anyways cuz you know Jim isn’t going to go skiing and Mike will be busy with his own life.

Sooooo, that my friends is the Life of Riley. Pretty calm and enjoyable really. You will hear no complaints from me. I wish you all the most amazing, relaxing, rejuvenating weekend possible. Take care and God Bless!!


Baby Sister said...

Sounds like you've had a good week. Congrats on the 6 lbs. That's awesome!! Have fun skiing today and have a good weekend!!

Jill said...

Great pictures! Great job on your weight loss and your goals! Have a wonderful weekend!

Anonymous said...

You won't have to be alone much. Mike will stick around you as soon as his schooling is over with. I know so!

I love your photographs from today! They look really clear and beautiful. Hannah looks cute in the purple!

WOAH for the weight loss!! Julie, you're a hottie in every way for your dedication! :)

Ski safely. It sounds very exciting to me!!! ENJOY!! :) :)