Monday, January 3, 2011


It’s been awhile since I’ve shared Mike with you and of course you know how a mom has to brag sometimes about her only son. So get ready cuz I have a few really good things to share.

First of all, in all my life I have never gotten a gift like this. 

January 2011 059 January 2011 054 

                 January 2011 058

It is beautiful.

Now last month Mike finished up evening welding classes. He is now a certified entry level welder. He plans on going on but is now looking into Rescue and Recovery. So the next thing is to become a Master Diver, meaning Minnesota School of Diving. Anyways, back to school, Mike aced his final exam and this was his final project. It’s a 4’ fire ring. Pretty darn cool. He still wants to sand blast it and paint it.

100_4933 100_4932

For Christmas Mike made this pencil holder for his dad. It’s two pliers taken apart and welded back together. He loves fabricating.


Last month Mike’s grandfather sold him his 1969 Arctic Cat Snowmobile. Mike is in love. He has been riding all the time and also taking Scott and the kids for rides. He has rolled it twice, busting the windshield but he’s learning what a sled can do and can’t. Like turning on ice. Anyways, here’s some great pictures.

December 234 January 2011 061 

January 2011 024 January 2011 031

                     January 2011 021

Mike’s partner and guardian……

January 2011 013 January 2011 015

So there you have my one and only. There’s always lots more but I don’t want to have you sitting here all day.

Hope your New Year is excellent. Mine is!!

Take care my friends and God Bless.


Shawn Becker said...

Julie, The necklace is Beautiful! My granddaughter, Daylee, loves everything butterfly and your necklace is stunning.
Mike is very talented and that pencil holder is amazing and looks so trendy. Will the fire ring be in your back yard? If so, I will be over this summer for a feast of som'ores!

EmptyNester said...

What a gorgeous necklace! Mike is very talented. And handsome. I have a couple of available daughters. What's his relationship status? LOL

Baby Sister said...

The necklace is beautiful!! He is so sweet. And the fire pit is amazing. He's so talented!!

Anonymous said...

This little wonder kid is sooo good! Lordy Lord! I am impressed with that gift!! I love the pen-stand! Will you pat him on the back for me??