Saturday, January 15, 2011

Skiing, 2010 and 2011…

[101_1340[2].jpg] January 14th, 2010…Mike and I went Skiing.

January 2011 103January 15th, 2011. Skiing with Mike.

We had a blast and last year I fell once, this year twice. We did try the moderate loop, after finishing up our normal loop, so that means lots more hills up and down. I do fine up and on straight and level but coming down, well not that great. The weather was perfect and yes I did say moonlight skiing in my last post but I had the wrong month that’s next month but look here, it is sorta like moonlight skiing.

January 2011 116 January 2011 117

I so love skiing with Mike. I love that he has so much to say when it’s just us. The life questions, the what if’s, the what now’s. And then lots of quiet too.

Here’s a couple just great pictures of the trails.

January 2011 112 January 2011 104

January 2011 113 January 2011 105

I have to tell you about my rescuer though. The first time I fell I could of probably gotten up on my own when I got back on the trail but here comes Mike and bends down and picks me up, like a sack of feed. I smiled and just went on. The next time I fell it was into a hole where a tree was blown over. I was going down the hill praying I wouldn’t fall on my left shoulder and up ahead was the hole, right on a corner and we met. I was on my right side, thank God, a limb stuck in my snowsuit with me, and upside down and backwards in the hole. My skis were going the opposite way I was but I got turned over, sorta, before here comes Mike. He takes his ski’s off, climbs down in my hole and proceeds to pick me up again. It’s so cool to have your son be able to pick you up.

Like I said almost one year ago, if you have kids, go and do something with them. You will never regret it, ever!!!

Take care my friends. Have a terrific family Sunday. One day a week we make sure it’s always a family day. Jim and I go out to breakfast while Mike sleeps in. Then we get home and do something that all three of us want to do. Sometimes it’s just to watch a movie. Sometimes it’s working together, other times it a building project. Tomorrow is going to be snowmobiling. Mike wants to pull me behind his sled on my skis. Jim wants to watch and laugh. We’ll see how that goes. I love my guys.

God bless you all


Baby Sister said...

Your son is a gem!! Looks like a ton of fun. :) Have a good Sunday tomorrow!!

Anonymous said...

This really looks like a great time! I have never been skiing, but I would love to try it sometime! I bet it is a good workout too.

~South Beach Steve

Noelle said...

Those pictures are beautiful!!!