Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Snow, snow, snow…now cold…

Just pictures to share. I love taking pictures and sharing the beauty we have here. Even if it’s –25* when I get up in the morning. Even if it means shoveling, snow blowing and more. It’s Minnesota!!!

January 2011 044 January 2011 017

January 2011 030 January 2011 033

January 2011 035  January 2011 038

                            January 2011 037

Hope it’s warmer where you are or at least your house is toasty warm.

Take care my friends and God Bless!!!


EmptyNester said...

Oh, it's definitely warmer here. Probably warmer everywhere else! LOL Tell Mike the available daughters are 19 and 22! The 19 year old was here and asking- let me see him! Is he willing to move away from the freezing cold? How old is he? LOL

Jill said...

Beautiful pictures, beautiful necklace and a very talented son! You have every right to brag and be proud of him! ;-) Love the pictures of your dogs, just too cute! Have a great day!

Baby Sister said...

Beautiful pictures. I'm glad it wasn't -25 when I woke up this morning. Makes me grateful for Utah. :)

My Big Secret Blog :) said...

Julie, if I EVER mention "cold", please remind me to google my climate for the day, here v/s yours there! Beautiful cold pictures though. I love the sun!

blueviolet said...

It's absolutely gorgeous though!!!

Flying high in the sky.... said...

beautiful pictures!! hope you are keeping yourself warm...take care