Friday, March 11, 2011

Happy Birthday Rachel!


Monday my first daycare child turns 11. She’s been here since she was 3 months old. Just a wee little peanut and now she’s not such a wee one anymore. Being my first one she holds a very special place in my heart and in Mike’s also. They have grown up together and for 11 years have celebrated their birthdays together. Well this year I told her since it was just the two of them (her sister and her) here for the day I’d take them swimming and we’d have just a cake for her. She almost cried when I said that, she told me she has always shared her birthday with Mike’s and how could I not do them together again. I thought just maybe she didn’t want to do that so was just going to give her, her own day. Well that wasn’t going to happen in her book. She loves Mike as much as he loves her and it shows when both are together.

So today we did just that. First daddy and I took them swimming. Since there is no way I’m taking a camera near water (I have bad things happen when I do that and I can’t afford another one) I didn’t get any play pictures but I got this when we were done and dropping daddy at home. Speaking of daddy. Rachel and Abby have called my daddy grandpa since they could talk, well all my kids call him grandpa. So when we dropped off grandpa they got out of the car and gave him a huge hug. Look at his face…


When we got back home the girls baked and decorated the birthday cake. Both Rachel and Mike love angel food cake with fudge sauce on it so that is what they got.

 100_5524 100_5526


9+9+clown=19 and 4+5+2 clowns=11  ……


I made this for Rachel. She loved it. I filled it with body mist, hand lotion, gum and a mood bracelet.

100_5515 100_5510

We also went to see the baby goats and got to hold and love them. And then Mike finished their day out with a ride on the inner tube and snowmobile.

 100_5476 100_5479



So there you have it. My wee ones are growing up. My own and my real own. I love them all, from the bottom of my heart guys, I LOVE YOU!!!

Have a blessed weekend everyone. I’m off and get to do a bit of working out, house cleaning and relaxing. Oh shopping too but just for groceries. Take care my friends.


Momma Fargo said...

Awww...Happy Birthday! What a sweet girl!

Momma Fargo said...

Awww...Happy Birthday! What a sweet girl!

EmptyNester said...

Julie- you're just the GREATEST! What a wonderfully special day!

Shawn Becker said...


Rachel is a beautiful young woman and I can tell how much you love her. I loved the pack you made her and the cake..well, that looks yummy!

Karen said...

Rachel is blessed to have you watch her grow up. Your dad's face-well, you can't buy the look on it. *sniff* what a wonderful birthday the kids had! blessings, k

Jill said...

Looks like a wonderfully special day! She even looks like you a little bit!

those goats are so adorable!!

Have a wonderful day!


My Big Secret Blog :) said...

This post made me cry a bit. Rachel is a beautiful young girl! :) I was reminded of my baby-sitter and I know she'll always remain special to me. :) :) Just like you will for Rachel.