Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring my butt….!!!…

Well if this is spring, then I’m a 180 lb snow bunny. UGH!!!! There is at least 10” out there and 2-4” more coming. Now tonight it’s going to be below zero again. See….


Well the squirrel doesn’t care.


Canopy bit the dust. After at least 8 years of use.


It is so windy even my porch has snow on it and Wilbur's couch looks so cold.


Just yesterday I was out raking under the trees and picking up the yard. Guess now it’ll be another couple of weeks before we see the grass or dirt again.

The kids are home today so we made these. First roasted veggies and then apple/blueberry turnovers.

100_5584 100_5582


And these….

100_5604 100_5597

 100_5599 100_5601


Now we are heading outside to take the canopy apart and feed the chickens and the fire. I’m sure if we can get the snow to stick together maybe even a snowman. We’ll see and I’ll share later on.

Take care my friends and God Bless!!!

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Shawn Becker said...

Can't decide which I want most, the veggies or the turnover..oh heck, think I will go for both! Looks great and the kiddo's are learning so much from you.