Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Mike is 19 today…

January 2011 066The guy here, my pride and joy is now officially 19. I can’t believe how fast time flies. I can’t believe that just 19 years ago I was 29 year old with no children and no hope of having any. Boy do doctors sometimes get it wrong.

I share Mike with you guys all the time, I know that but I can’t help but be the proud mama and share him with you some more.

Mike is at a cross roads in his life. Not quite ready to grow up but to old to just screw around all the time. He works 40 hours a week with his dad and grandpa and really enjoys being with them but at the same time would love to find a niche in life that’s just his. He’s not sure what schooling he wants to do. He loves the outdoors, manufacturing things so not quite sure what he’ll do but there’s time. He’ll figure it out, one day. At least with a full time he has the time to figure life out.

Mike is going to make the greatest dad ever (but no hurry there). The woman of his dreams will be treasured, loved, worshipped and so much more. I know, I’m not a fortune teller but I do know that whom ever gets him, will be the luckiest lady in the world.


My son, I love you so much Mike. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!



March 2nd….isn’t it suppose to be getting warmer out? This was at 7:00 this morning while walking Jon to the bus. BURR!!!!

0302110700aTake care my friends, have a blessed day today.


Manzanita said...

That is sweet. In looking back, the years whizz by in huge gulps. You have a fine boy and some day he'll thank you for everything. Happy Birthday to Mike.

Karen Butler Ogle said...

Happy Birthday to Mike! Wishing you and your family a wonderful day. :)

EmptyNester said...

Holy Cow! Are you kidding me?! That's a MINUS there-- we're in the 70s! Without the minus. LOL

Happy birthday to Mike! Don't worry, he has plenty of time to figure things out!

Jill said...

Happy Birthday to Mike!!! Have a wonderful day!!!


Shawn Becker said...

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dearrrrrr Mike, Happy Birthday to you!!!

i hope he has a wonderful day!

Don't worry, I takes young men a little longer to find their niche.the youngest of my sons is 37 and just got married 1 1/2 years ago and is just now completing his college. Before that he was a snowboarder, snowboard instructor, world traveler and all around fun guy.

MINUS 20..are you kidding!!
Have a great day,

My Big Secret Blog :) said...

Happy Birthday, Mike!! :) :) :) Eat some cake for me- all of you, please!

Hope the day is as faaaaabulous as can be for all of you!

I'm going to be sending lots of good luck and the best of wishes to each of you!

Big hugs!

Baby Sister said...

Happy Birthday Mike!!

Flying high in the sky.... said...

WoW!! what an amazing mother you are!! the love drips through your words!! Many Many happy returns of the day to Mike!!! He is lucky to have you as his mother!