Monday, March 7, 2011

Sunshine and smiles…..

Yesterday our world looked a lot like this…

100_5453 100_5428

100_5434 100_5446

We had about 4” of new snow to cover up the old yucky stuff and also to put a cushion on the ice for our next turn on the snowmobile (this afternoon). So to turn the page to today, you gotta see this…

100_5458 100_5459


The kids and I went for a walk this morning. We had a blast and also went to see grandma and grandpa. That blue sky and sunshine. Oh no matter what is wrong, this makes it all better.

100_5461 100_5462

Now it’s nap time ….see…

100_5455 100_5454

Oh before I forget, we had a visitor for lunch today. He got to have peanut butter and jelly crusts, a few squashed grapes and the crumbs from the chips.


Oh I have one more thing to share with you. I had daycare this Saturday and Jon is in a school program called Catch a Star and it’s where they have all kinds of different talents the kids are able to show. There’s music, dance, visual arts, hobbies, crafts and more the kids get to show the school, parents, friends and everyone what they are able to do. Jon built this…of course with a bother and sister they too had to build one.

100_5424 100_5426 

So you are now up to date on life here at the Riley’s. Living the life of Riley, dang life is good!!!

Take care my friends and God Bless!!!


Shawn Becker said...

Where do I begin,
The crystal, blue sky is spectacular and the best way to get rid of the winter doldrums.
The kiddo's are darling..beautiful smiles!
That craft project turned out great and that is one proud little guy!
Another turn on the snowmobile, I want to come over.
Your dog and cat are precious all curled up for their nap.
Life is good!

EmptyNester said...

I just love your winter wonderland! It's so pristine! No wonder everyone is smiling! Love the project too- sounds like a wonderful program!

Karen Butler Ogle said...

Sounds like a lovely day, Julie. Love seeing snow in photo but I will pass in real life. :)

Baby Sister said...

I love how the days can change SO much right after the other. :)

My Big Secret Blog :) said...

Now I AM up-to-date! Jon did that? I am amazed. These kids are adorable!