Saturday, March 19, 2011

Jon, he’s number one!!!!

Jon is one of my wee ones in daycare. You’ve met him before but today I have to tell you I was so very, very proud of him. Jon is in wrestling and I haven’t had a chance to go see him wrestle but today was his last tournament so I had to go and see. WOW!!! For a first grader he is impressive. Watching all the kids was great but of course seeing “my” own was so cool. If you haven’t ever gone to something like this, you have to. You just do. Anyways, I didn’t take my camera but out came the trusty cell phone and I got some pretty decent pictures. Here I’ll show you…

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0319111024a 0319111024b

0319111030a  0319111034b

Jon placed 2nd place and this means he made it to State and April 9th is wrestling in Grand Rapids.

Good job Jon. I am so very, very proud of you!!!

I just had to share this wonderful young man with you.


Now before I just leave this post with Jon and his brother and sister seeing it I’ll share something of theirs too. We go to the library almost every Wednesday and they have such a blast there. Here’s a few pictures of Story Time.

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 0316111052a 0309111050a

So there you have it. A daycare post and a proud daycare mama. I hope you all have an awesome, relax and blessed weekend.


Shawn Becker said...

You are one proud daycare Mom! Love the pictures of your little guy at the wrestling match, keep us posted on how he does at State!

EmptyNester said...

Can't wait to hear how it goes at STATE! Those precious ones and their parents are so lucky to have your loving care of them!

Terri ~ "T" ~ said...

ahhh I miss those days...wee ones and their accomplishments. You are so lucky to continue with daycare and have all these memories for years to come. Just might not be long before you have grandkids and you'll have all those fun years to share with us!

Baby Sister said...

Looks like fun. 2nd place is awesome. Go him!!

Jill said...

Congratulations to Jon! What an awesome accomplishment!!

We love our local library too! :-)
Great resources and programs, such a joy!

Have a wonderful day!!