Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Meet Pop-corn…

Yesterday about 2:30 I got a frantic call from Mark telling me Peanut was having problems and he needed me to come and help him pull a kid.

Peanut is a goat, first time mama.  Mark is my uncle, the goat farmer and a kid…well that’s Pop-corn.

Mike and Scott were here so I was able to leave right away and when I got to Marks the mama was beginning to become distressed and we thought for sure the baby was dead. Well with some pushing, pulling, squeezing and some fluids Peanut gave birth to a live and very beautiful little boy. When I help Mark he lets me name the kids and I picked Pop-corn. Peanut and Pop-corn. Sounds so good and perfect to me.

So without anymore words….meet Peanut and Pop-corn.

100_5537  100_5538

100_5541 100_5543

While visiting today we also got to help feed the other goats, Charlie the donkey and their horse.

100_5551  100_5554

100_5546 100_5547


So that took most of our morning. What better way to spend a somewhat drizzle morning then in a barn with animals that love the love and attention that we all give them.

Now I learned something last night. We have flying squirrels. I know of them but never knew we had them. For us this has been the year for squirrels. Usually between the cats and dogs we don’t have them but Wilbur is more of a fox hound and is forever spending his time in the woods keep them a bay and Bobby, the Monster Kitty, only watches them. Here’s our night visitor.


So there is our first part of the week. It’s never dull here and the kids are always learning something new and interesting. With spring in the air we are spending more and more time outside getting very, very wet with all the melting snow. Soon mud season, I’m sorta ready for it, tired of the snow so it’s time.

Take care my friends and have a blessed and awesome afternoon.


Baby Sister said...

Pop-corn is a fun name!! I like. :)

Shawn Becker said...

What a cutie little Pop-corn is with Mama!
I miss the farm and all the animals...

Jill said...

Adorable name and I'm glad to hear everything turned out o.k. They are so adorable!! Have a great night Julie!


My Big Secret Blog :) said...

The names made me smile. :) Hannah made me laugh!