Monday, March 28, 2011

Meet Scout….

This is Mike’s new puppy. Now he can’t really have her until the 8th of April, which for Mike is going to be the longest two weeks ever but she loves him like he did her. It was so cute. He sat down in the hay with all the puppies, picking up this one and then that one and his new one came to him first and each time he picked up another one would pull on his sleeve, bite his pants and just look at him. It was a match. So here you go guys, pictures of Mike’s new girlfriend. :o)


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You know another really cool, super cool thing? She was born just a couple of days after Mike’s birthday. I jus figured that out and it is awesome!!!

It was a great morning so far today. How could it not be, picking up and loving 6 little girl puppies that smell oh so wonderful and squeak like little ones and …..oh it was just plan great. I am as excited as Mike for him to have a companion. He and she will have the best summer ever.

Okay, time to finish up a banana cream pie for my father-in-law, banana cake for the kids dessert and pork chops in mushroom gravy for Jim and Mike at work tomorrow. None of this for me but I’m not missing the stuff any more so not a big deal at all. I do however want some chicken still. Broasted, fried, anything crispy. So far so good.

Take care my friends and have an awesome afternoon. God Bless!!


Julie said...

I forgot to tell you she's Collie/Black Lab. She has white on her chest and a tiny bit on one paw but Collie's don't get their true markings until a year old or so, so just maybe she'll change a bit.
Take care everyone.

EmptyNester said...

She's so pretty! The smile on Mike's face says it all!

Jill said...

She is so adorable!!! I just love dogs! He sure looks happy. :-)
Have a great day!

Karen Butler Ogle said...

She is lovely, Julie. Congrats to Mike and all of you for adding to your family. We don't have a dog yet. I'm trying to work on Dail about it but he has the rule about 4 pets and we have 4 cats. I'm so envious of your new fur-baby. She will have a good home love her new family, I'm sure. :)

Kim said...

Awwwww, so CUTE! Geez puppies are so fuzzy and I bet this one is going to be smart! Well, it's already smart for picking you guys to be it's family. :)

Terri ~ "T" ~ said...

When Mike came over today to visit his poopy, I wasn't sure he was holding the right one at the time. But I'm sure he was now, after looking them all over and seeing that yes, she is the smallest and has the white on the front left paw. He put her collar back on, that had gotten pulled off by the others. They LOVE the stuffed toys Mike brought. They all are chewing and growling and carrying them around! I'm excited for Mike to have his own dog!

Baby Sister said...

How adorable is she!!