Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Como Conservatory, Minneapolis, MN

That’s where I took mama, daddy, my aunt Pat, Mike and Scott yesterday. Really Mike and Scott went to the zoo while we visited thousands and thousands of beautiful flowers, trees and so much more. We had a blast visiting with Pat and Daryle and then heading to the conservatory. We ended our day with a trip to Old Country Buffet for a fine afternoon dinner. It was perfect weather with just the right amount of clouds and sunshine and not to hot and not to cold. I have a zillion pictures I could share with you but will try and just pick out a bunch to show you. If you live anywhere within a hundred miles or so you’ve got to take the time to go and see this beautiful place. They have many different “shows” through out the year like Poinsettia's in the winter, fall flowers in the autumn and a summer display also. Okay, pictures…..

 100_5948 100_6058

100_5970 100_5974

100_5978 100_5980

100_5984 100_5989

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100_6004 100_6013

100_6014 100_6052

100_6029 100_6037

100_6047 100_6048 


It was a great day. I hope we can do it again but with the gas prices right now it cost me $75.00 to go to the cities and back so I think it’ll be a little bit at before we can go but really can you place a dollar amount on the time you spend with family? Nope, so we’ll just go again soon.

Take care my friends, enjoy the spring show and have a blessed evening.


Beth said...

I live about 15 miles or so from the Como...love love love that place! We went a couple weeks ago..well maybe a month...Such a great little known secret!

kim said...

Besides the pictures of u and your family I love that yellow flower! I'm glad u had a great day...your family is lucky to have you!

Karen Butler Ogle said...

Love the photos, Julie. The flowers are lovely. It looks like you all had a wonderful time. :)

ModernMom said...

What a beautiful way to spend a day!

Baby Sister said...

Awww, that looks like so much fun!! The flowers are so beautiful!!

LisaWeidknecht said...

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