Saturday, April 16, 2011

This week in pictures…oh and a few words…

So do you want to see birthday pictures? Scouts pictures, part/full moon, ducks, more kids?  Our first picnic, the beaver in the creek? And Wilbur checking out the baby chicks in the brooder box? Oh and Monster Bobby, the crabby cat from Mars! I have them all so here, take a peek.

100_5841 100_5842

Simba is Scout’s new friend. He lets her nibble on his back leg and pull him all over the kitchen.

100_5855 100_5890

Wilbur is adjusting and now even playing with the puppy. Mid way through the week Mike said the puppy was getting cold so I picked her up a little t-shirt at the thrift store for .38 cents.

100_5919 100_5920

She is the cutest puppy. Mike makes the perfect “daddy”. They are a great pair together.

100_5865 100_5868

See these ducks? For years they have looked at the pond but refused to get into it. Well since the Muscovy's  like it they now all use it. YEAH!!! The pond will stay clean and nice looking as long as they use it.


 100_5886 100_5887

Mid week and the moon. Mike took these pictures. I love them.


Monster Bobby mad because …. well because he hates everything lately.

100_5933 100_5934

Justin turned 5 on Friday. Ain’t he the cutest 5 year old around. I sure do think so. He’s my little helper at daycare and I love him so much.

100_5937 100_5938

This is what I woke up to this morning. YUCK!!! Why can’t winter just leave? We have burned up just about 14 cords of wood this year. Less then 1/2 cord left so it needs to get warm very, very soon.


Here’s the moon tonight. Did you get to see it? It’s beautiful!!!

0412111855b 0412111855a

I know it’s hard to see, this is my cell phone picture but there’s a huge beaver in the creek.


Wilbur spends the better part of an hour watching the baby chicks. When we built the brooder box we put this little slider door in so when the babies get bigger they can get some fresh air, until then Wilbur peeks a lot.


And our first picnic of the week. It was Wednesday and a bit windy but so nice out. I even wore shorts on Tuesday it was so nice. Now…..snow and cold.

It was a good week here. There is always so much happening. A week I wouldn’t trade for a million bucks. I hope you all had a great week and a relaxing and wonderful weekend. God Bless you all!!


Karen Butler Ogle said...

Hey, Julie. It looks like you all have had a fun week but the photo of the snow made me shiver. It was cold here yesterday and I came in from planting with two earaches so winter isn't done here either, however we can hope for the best. Happy Birthday to the little guy. I'm loving the puppy and wish for one but for now Dail is giving me a firm "no" on any more pets.

Baby Sister said...

Looks like so much fun!!

Michele said...

Love all the animal pictures here on this post. That puppy is so CUTE!! I bet your son is a great papa to him!

Shawn said...

I enjoyed your week in pictures, thanks for sharing. Sorry you had that bad joke from Mother Nature..she needs to get over the white stuff!

Jill said...

The puppy is so adorable! Love the pictures of the moon. I'm so happy we are seeing signs of Spring here, I'm so tired of the snow!!
Have a great day!