Wednesday, April 27, 2011

From this….to this…


From this on Monday……….

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To this on Wednesday……..WTH, why? I know cuz I live in Minnesota and it even snows on July 4th. UGH…..will it ever end? I’m so tired of winter. I’m tired of being cold. I’m tired of wearing jeans, I want shorts. I’m tired of looking like a beached whale, it’s time for a tanned one.

On Monday Mike and I also went for a 10.56 mile bike ride on the


0425111811a 0425111755a

We had a great time though I am still not a happy camper riding a bike but we had a great time anyways. So you can enjoy some of our countryside I will share a few pictures with you. Even though winter refuses to let go I wouldn’t trade Minnesota for anywhere else in this great world of ours.


This is a spoil pile along the edge of one of the pit lakes.

 100_6163 0425111811b

Our area is a mining area. We have quite a few open pit lakes that have left over reminders of the life that use to be part of the area. See the old railroad tracks?

100_6164 100_6165


Well it’s hump day and it was library day. Two weeks ago Justin and I brought in some duck eggs and he did a small presentation for the little ones. He was so proud. Here’s the library’s picture they took of him.


And also, introducing my littlest one….meet Josselyn. She’s my newest wee one. She turned one last week.

100_6082 100_6071 


So there you have it, well mostly, I have two more photo’s to share with you. On our way home Monday evening we came in the back way and less then a mile from our home we saw this… you know why we fence everything. Why the apples trees never have apples and the plum trees don’t get past the budding stages.

100_6202  100_6201


Guess what it’s still doing? Yep, snowing but now big fluffy pretty flakes but still snowing. I will sure enjoy summer when it gets here.

Take care everyone. Happy Hump Day and thank you for stopping by. God Bless you all!!!


Karen Butler Ogle said...

Great photos, Julie. I hope the snow is gone soon. :)

Jill said...

Wonderful pics Julie! My husband would love to hunt the deer for you, lol. I prefer to see them running free. :-)
Great place for a bike ride!
Have a wonderful day!


blueviolet said...

I can absolutely see why you'd never give it up. I love the midwest, and I can't wait to get back some day.

Josselyn is adorable, and so is Justin. How fun that you brought duck eggs in to show everyone!

Baby Sister said...

I love that first picture!! I saw a deer just meander up our street today...made me murmur slightly...