Friday, April 1, 2011

Mug Wamp…Shag Poke…Great Blue Heron…and more!

Their back. I saw my first one Thursday morning. Of course no real camera but I did have my cell phone. So here’s my first glimpse this year.

0331111025a 0331111024a

We have had a busy week. This weather makes it a bit tough to really go out and play like we are use to but we do it anyways and I just end up doing some extra laundry cuz you can’t hope things will dry from the morning outing to the afternoon outs. The kids and I have been baking, going to the library, playing and making. Here are pictures to share with you.

100_5713 100_5714

First, our Gold Finches are back. I love their singing. Also both Kim and mama saw their first Robins this week. I haven’t been lucky enough yet but they are coming. YEAH!!

100_5715 100_5716

Remember a long time ago I made a candle holder out of these 22 shell holders? Well Kim used them for cute little sewing projects for a little girl she watches sometimes. So of course I had to copy and let Hannah do some “sewing”. I need to dig out the rest of them cuz she sews this one up in a hurry and it would be nice to have more while I’m unsewing this one.

  100_5585 100_4919

Justin loves the Lincoln logs and Thomas and Brio trains. Wilbur has to be apart of it all too!


Jon is my helper when he is home. He loves helping carry wood and stuffing the stove. I so appreciate his help.


Jim and Mike were working on the side of the garage where they put in a new service box and Hannah wanted to help them so bad. She had to see what they were doing and has to be part of “her” guys.

100_5672 100_5673


One of my kids favorite things is eating our farm fresh eggs. They start out by collecting them, washing them and then eating them. They love them with peppers, onions and bacon in them. We use them for lots of baking also.


100_5690 100_5691

We went to the library Wednesday and it was Music with Connie Lou. Connie Lou is a lady from Justin church and he was so excited to see her at his library too. They made music shakers out of old spice containers. So cute and they loved them.

So there you have our week. Busy, fun and so very rewarding. God really has blessed me with the best job in the whole wide world.

I hope you all had a great week. This weekend will be busy too. First thing Saturday morning I’ll go exercise then there is a gun show in Deerwood and on Sunday a Trade Show in Brainerd plus our usual shopping and we also need to rebuild my mama’s computer. Last night it got the black screen of death so we need to see what we can do about that. Hopefully can save what was on the hard drive and then format it or just rebuild it. We’ll see. So as you see, there’s never a dull moment here and we do live the LIFE OF RILEY!!!

Take care my friends and God Bless you all!


Karen Butler Ogle said...

Looks like it was a fun week to me! I miss working with kids but it won't be long until my grandchildren are big enough for projects and fun stuff. Hopefully, the weather will cooperate soon and we can spend some time outdoors. It is freezing today. can't wait to see the sun again.:)

EmptyNester said...

I'm exhausted just from reading about it! LOL

Baby Sister said...

Looks like fun. :) Good luck with the computer, that's never any fun!!

Grammy said...

Hello, my friend! Hope you are doing well and hope your grandma is doing okay. Love to you all. Ruby

kim said...

Mud what? I don't think I've seen that bird before...