Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Part two: SOLITUDE…

I have been fretting about the empty nest. I have been afraid that what Jim and I had before Mike won’t return and that I’ll be left standing alone to do the things that make me happy. I’m wrong. So very wrong. The love is still there, the passion is still there and yes we’ve both grown into completely different people we are still the same in many ways too. The biggest fact, we love each other for now, for always, no matter what.


You will find that deep place of silence right in your room, your garden or even your bathtub. – Elizabeth Kubler-Ross

Solitude is such a blessing! Everyone needs time alone. Often we are fearful of time alone, because there is no one for us to encounter but ourselves. How comforting it is to go to ourselves! How much like returning home to an old friend or lover after having been away too long visiting places that felt foreign and unfamiliar.

Our solitude is one of the pleasures that only we can arrange. It is up to us to see that we regenerate through our time with ourselves. We have the right, and we have the power. If we do not model respect for our own need for solitude, our children will never learn that they deserve their time alone.

LET ME REMEMBER that there is nothing more soothing than sound of running water, even if it is only in my bathtub.

Take care my friends, find a quiet corner and just relax and collect yourself and enjoy. God bless you all!!


Baby Sister said...

I love solitude every once in a while. It's so nice.

Karen Butler Ogle said...

Great post, Julie. I love my solitude and make sure I have some every day. I remember too that my family needs time alone too and so I'm very considerate of leaving them be when they need some quiet time. Nothing pleases me more than having some time to just think quietly and contemplate my blessings.

Shawn said...

Another wonder post. I love, and cherish, my solitude!