Friday, April 8, 2011

One important thing…before I share…

Thank you for your words of support and prayers for mama. Mama got some results back and the aneurysm is the same size so it hasn’t grown, yeah!!!. Her blood work came back and other then her hemoglobin is very low the rest is normal. She has to get those legs up when she is sitting down. She needs ted socks so I’m going to measure her this weekend and make sure we get some. And in two weeks she’ll go back to for the rest of her results and to see the doctor on her swelling. So all in all things came out pretty good except we still don’t know to much either. But thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your prayers and words of comfort and support.


Now some other things. Daddy and I went for a walk last night and the snow is melting and making some really cool streams and sounds in the woods. And there is green moss!!! See….

100_5770 100_5773

100_5780 100_5790

100_5785 100_5789 


Now it’s also been nice enough that the kids don’t have to wear coats in the afternoon and the chickens are running free. Check this patient rooster out…


The chickens and ducks love bread and will come running anytime they see a bread bag.

100_5741 100_5742


It is Easter time and though I do not believe the Easter bunny has anything to do with Easter I decorate a little bit for the daycare kids. Here’s some eggs we glittered, some dollar store mirrored eggs, a real freeze dried duck and a bird nest. Good enough and colorful and this time a year we need a little colorful.

100_5764 100_5765

And last but not least. We went to the library on Wednesday and it was all about ducks and since we have ducks Justin got to bring in the baby duck, pictures of our ducks and some duck eggs (I boiled them so they’d still look like eggs after being handled by 30 wee ones). Justin didn’t say to much but did tell the kids about the Muscovy ducks and show and telled about the eggs.


All in all it was a good week. It had some ups and downs but the ups always outweigh the downs. I hope you had a great week and that the upcoming weekend is even better. Take care my friends and God Bless!!


EmptyNester said...

Glad the news is better about your mama! I'm still sending up prayers for her- and you!

Wow, you've got some green now and can go out without coats?! Awesome, spring must not be far behind!

Karen Butler Ogle said...

I'm glad to hear there was some good news about your mother, Julie. I hope the rest of the news will be good too. I will be keeping all of you in my thoughts and prayers.

Baby Sister said...

I'm glad you got good news about your mama!!