Sunday, April 3, 2011

Things I learned this weekend….

I wonder how many children the post office sent before this date. Now this is something I want to research. How to research this will be interesting because I have tried all Sunday evening to get somewhere but so far nothing. But I’ll keep it up.

We went to our local Business Trade Show yesterday.  This bit of information was on a history wall and it caught my eye. There was such cool home improvement ideas and more. I found a counter top I would love for my kitchen if we were get to redoing the cabinets. I found the coolest cupboard faces too. We have hard maple cabinets so will never need to replace them but if I don’t resurface them maybe a new face. There was outdoor equipment and goodies to see too. I signed up for some drawings and Mike and I picked up some new pens and note pads. All in all we had a great time.

Here’s another cool thing I read today.

Fish line. Did you know to make an invisible fence for deer you can use fish line? 


Here’s the article. You can click on the pictures and it’ll come up bigger. If you can’t for whatever reason it say put up fence posts, wrap fish line from post to post, go back and make criss crosses and there you have a fence the deer can’t see and when they walk up to it, they’ll touch it but not be able to do anything like jump it because all they don’t know how tall it is and it scares them. This is from the Countryside magazine.

Here’s are two cool and easy craft I found in


The first….


The best thing I like about this is the twisted wire egg holder. We all can make that and it would be such a cool way to display the kids eggs.



Made from plaster of paris. So cool and so easy for the kids to make. Guess what we’ll be doing this month? Yep, great Easter and spring ideas.

I had to share what I learned and found today. I hope you all had a great weekend. A new week is upon us and so many opportunities to enjoy all the great Lord has given us. Take care and have a blessed and awesome Monday.


Baby Sister said...

We might have to use the fish line at work to keep the deer away from our plants at work...

Karen Butler Ogle said...

Cool looking projects. I hope you all have fun!

Shawn Becker said...

I hope you are able to find out if, and how many, children were mailed to other parts of the country! Wasn't it about month or two ago that a puppy was found in a box at the post office.