Monday, April 11, 2011

The weekend…

We worked hard on our weekend but we also rested. Check this out, I had control of the remote for at least an hour.

To my left….


To my right…


The floor in front of my chair…


The loveseat…


It was so quiet. Now this afternoon it’s the same thing…

The cat sleeping in the crib, Wilbur in Mike’s chair, the puppy in the playpen, Mike in his bed, Hannah in the good girl bed and Justin on the mat. I had control of the TV again for an hour. It so neat. It won’t happen often but sure am enjoying it while it lasts.


The puppy is working out beautifully. She goes potty outside. She was raised on hay and the floor isn’t her favorite place to potty, (YEAH!!!) and yelps at the door to go out. She’s only 6 weeks old and has had two tiny, tiny accidents on the little rug in the kitchen. I can handle that. She is so full of love and other then Monster Bobby has been excepted by everyone.



When the puppy first came Hannah was a little jealous of “her” Mike being busy with the puppy but after some Mikey time she was all better.


We got our baby chicks this weekend. Wilbur loves watching them. Come the end of the week I’ll let the kids start holding them and then next week we’ll take some Easter pictures with them. I love it when Easter is just a tad later so we can do this.



I have got to do some sewing or crafting or something. I would like to make Hannah a pillowcase dress and I need to make some Easter baskets for the kids and I have got to do some beading before I forget how too. Maybe each nap time this week I’ll try and do something special. If I don’t just do it, I’ll just miss out on some creativeness and I sure don’t want to do that.

My husband’s grandfather passed away this weekend. It wasn’t expected but it really wasn’t unexpected either. He quit eating and talking last week and was just tired. He was 94 years old. He lived in Florida most of his life and the last year moved up here, to the frozen tundra to be closer to his daughter and family. He was happy and content and it was his time to be called home. Pop-pop will be missed.

A new week, it’s spring and the grass is starting to green up. The weather is cool but sunny and you can smell the difference in the air. Don’t breath to deeply yet though cuz the snow is gone and there is tons and tons of mold from the snow and it makes everyone in my family miserable. It rained a little this weekend and helped but it won’t be gone until the last of the snow is gone.

Today Mike was on his way to get his physical and ended up with his first flat tire on the side of the road (I forgot to take pictures, darn it all).  He was rattled a bit so called me. I came and just parked my car closer to the edge of the road and stood by him while he changed his tired. He did fine, in fact fantastic but was a bit rattled the first time so now he knows he will be just fine when it happens again. He didn’t get to the doctor though so we just rescheduled.

So it’s that time of day, snack time and time to go out and play. I hope you all have a great day. Take care and God Bless you all!!


EmptyNester said...

Julie- you're like Mrs Wonderful! I sit in amazement at all the wonderful things you do---and I say sit because I get tired just reading about your days! LOL Love the sleeping men in your life--those pictures were great! You have such a terrific life up there in too-cold-for-me land. That's interesting to me, about mold from the snow...I never knew.

Shawn said...

I agree, you are Mrs. Wonderful, or Super Woman, you are always so busy and have great ideas for crafts.
I loved the pictures of your Men sleeping..woops sorry Scout...
I hope you have a fantastic week,

Sorry about your loss, I lost my Grandma when she was 93 but hoped she would live to 100.. it is never easy.
Hope your Mom is doing better.

Sabina Bint Benjamin said...

Love the pics!
Oh I can't wait to see your pillowcase dress, I just bought a striped set from target to make a cute little dress for my niece's little girl who is expected to be born in a couple of weeks.
And also, I'm so sorry for the loss of your loved one.

Baby Sister said...

Lucky you for getting the remote!! Sorry to hear about the grandpa...death is never easy.

kim said...

You mean Jim doesn't watch TV through his eyelids? Wow, you're lucky!

Jill said...

Sorry to hear about your husband's grandfather. Keeping your family in my thoughts and prayers.

Thank you also for your support during the loss of my brother in law.

Giggle, Laugh, Cry said...

Good morning! Just stopping by from