Thursday, September 3, 2009

"End of Summer" party....

Well we did it, we had our end of summer party and boy did the kids have fun. Mike was home to help me set up last night and this morning and then played with the kids all morning long. It was so much fun and Rachel said it was the best party we've had yet. Here are a few pictures of before, during and after. Check out our ginger bread house, I first made it from cardboard, hot glued on Graham crackers and then the kids decorated it. Our game was a kid version of Candy Land with our lollipop stand, molasses swamps, grandma nut who gave out circus peanuts and snow cone island. We don't do the winner/loser stuff, all are winners which works out the best for all. The pinata was a big hit and the ending, playing with Mike with the fire hose.

So that was our party and our day. I will so miss these kids when they had off to school. Mine graduates this coming June. It is amazing how fast life goes when you are part of a child's life.

I have a couple more pictures to share with you, remember the walk in the woods on Thursday? Well here's two of my most favorite pictures. My little ones and one of "grandpa" helping them become lumberjacks by pushing over some dead standing timber. They love their walks in the woods and love the time with "grandpa".

Have a great night sleep and remember to tell the Lord just how grateful you are for what he's giving you. I know that I sure will be again and again. God Bless you all!!!

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rajdog1 said...

It was a beautiful day for such a great party! It is something they will remember for years to come!