Saturday, June 6, 2009

gift cards...

A long time ago I got 3 $10.00 gift cards from and tonight I decided to see what's on the website before they expired. The kids are going to be very excited. I got them a pool. We get one each year and it's usually a pretty small one but this year I was able to get them a 120" pool. It's not a deep one, just 3' but it'll be perfect for all the kids. I'm not going to tell them until it's warmer and I can set it up otherwise they'll bug me every day no matter if it's 40* 0ut there or 60*.
Today I worked the Remer Art Co-op and let me tell it is one of the nicest craft stores I have ever been in and I am so glad we are part of it. I have come to realize though is that we can not drive up there and hope to make any money. It's over 100 miles and at 15 mpg each trip will cost just about $20.00 and the fact we need to work there once a month for 8 months it costs more then the non-working fee so think we'll be paying that and just visit and check our jewelry and hope for the best. It was fun though today to work and experience the co-op.
Well my day is about done and I have to go out and shut up the chickens. Take care my dear friends, God bless you all!

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