Sunday, June 7, 2009

My buy today....

While at Office Max today I went and check out their clearance isle and guess what I found?
These...... I paid $1.10 each The were over $5.00 each. They are 8"x7"x6"

Just think of the goodies I can store in these. The kids can use them for toys and I'm going
to use them for sewing items. Then I've already been thinking about making liners for them so I can store items on the shelves and they'll look good. I only had $16.00 with me today but spent it all in one place, I didn't need the sugar and oatmeal today, there's next week. :o)

We worked on more fencing today, got the back hill done (this is old sheep fence we put up 20 years ago but it needed new fence stakes put in and the fence tightened) and then put in more posts for the chain link. We can't afford to go very far but a bit each week or two we get another post or top post and get them in. We need to get 3 rolls of chain link fence but I'm thinking it'll be a little bit still before that will be happening.

Well it's a busy week coming. 2 of the boys are going to Safety Town at school the other 4 I'll keep busy. On Friday when the 2 boys graduate from there we'll all go to the park for lunch and play.

So have a great week and hopefully we get to see some sunshine and warmth. God Bless.

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Kim said...

Wooo Hoooo aren't you lucky!!! I've gotta go shopping with you more often - Here is a tutorial for the liners and you could always use the tin can cover idea it would be easier! Talk to you tomorrow!!