Monday, June 15, 2009

Lost it....

I haven't a clue but somewhere from last night to this morning I lost a post. I got it blogged but found a mistake so took it back to fix it and somewhere along the lines it got lost. I told you I was new at this. Oh well I'll just again.

This past week I dried some pansies and now have a few to do something with, what I don't know yet but something. Maybe a picture after I do some ferns. I did find out you need to be patient when taking them out of the drying stuff or they bust into a lot of pieces. Anyways, here's what they look like. Any ideas on what I should make?
I'm going to get to sew this afternoon. My big girls have dentist appointments so will be leaving about lunch time and the two boys will take naps so that means I will have better then an hour of time to sew. I'm going to make a liner for those little crates I got. I'll share when done, hopefully it'll be something worth sharing.
How's everyone gardens doing? Mine is coming up just fine, along with the weeds of course so that means I need to get into there and till and pick a few weeds this week. Not this afternoon though, another afternoon. I'll take a picture of my garden to share, it is looking good and everything is coming up so that's a big plus. I have a few little tomato plants left to get into it but have been waiting for the final freeze to past and hopefully last week was it because they really need to get out there.
Well it's that time, take care and have a great afternoon. God Bless everyone!!


rajdog1 said...

how did you dry them?

Julie said...

With some flower drying crystals I got from Ben Franklin on clearance for .97. Really Kim picked it up for me but stil that's what I used and where I got it. It took just two days for the pansies. The drying crystals are really cool. You can reuse them over and over and when they turn pink (their blue to start our with) you can put them in the microwave and redry them. I've never done it that way before, I've always used the phone book method and then never remembered them or they were really squashed, they still have a tiny bit of shape to them. Pretty neat really. I still haven't figured out what to do with them though, maybe later on. Take care Cindy.